[Suggestion] Buff NC6 Gauss SAW or modify this nanoweave resist armor and shield

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  1. wolf113

    Let's compare the NC6 Gauss SAW with Orion, precise easier to control which is not logical., 500rpm with a weapon should be more accurate than 750rpm, the average accuracy of 21% a SAW , Orion 24%. in a duel of two players SAW users must be more precise than Orrion users to get the fight.
    If we take the 21% precision SAW user has to fire 24 rounds TK 2.9 seconds, 24% precision orion user has to fire 30 TK 2.4 seconds.
    Now we'll take that resist shield and armor nanoweave
    Nanoweave armor increases 40% TTK 4.44 seconds SAW, Orion 28% of TTK 3.84 seconds. resist shield 80% of TTK SAW 5.22 seconds oraion 71% TTK 4.1 seconds.
    To get a fight SAW user must have preczinost 30% to achieve a result as ORION.

    Nanoweave armor.
    1. 143dmg 10m, 143-20% (28.6) = 114,4 dmg 1000hp/114.4= 8.7 bullets to kill
    2. 200dmg 10 m,200-20% (40.0)= 160dmg, 1000hp/160dmg = 6.25 bullets to kill
    Nanoweave armor increases two rounds for both weapons to kill.
    TTK has increased
    1.NO N.armor 7 to N.Armor 9 , TTK has increased for 28.6%
    2.NO N.armor 5 to N.armor 7 , TTK has increased for 40.0 %
    resist shield
    1. 143dmg 10m, 143-40% (57,2) = 85.8 dmg 1000hp/85.8= 11.6 bullets to kill
    2. 200dmg 10 m,200-40% (80,0) = 120dmg, 1000hp/120dmg = 8.3 bullets to kill
    Nanoweave armor increases two rounds for both weapons to kill.
    TTK has increased
    1.NO N.armor 7 to N.Armor 12 , TTK has increased for 71.5%
    2.NO N.armor 5 to N.armor 9 , TTK has increased for 80.0 %
  2. JKomm

    Buffing the Gauss SAW for this reason would mean buffing the Reaper DMR and the AC-X11 as well... just like to point that out. Not complaining, I love my AC-X11.
  3. Gundem

    I want a CQC oriented 200 damage LMG with SPA and 210 damage so that you can 2 headshot 1 bodyshot fools at close range.

  4. kr47er

    I think you didin't uderstood how SPA works. It doesn't give you more damage, it gives you more damage range.
  5. LaughingDead

    2 headshot = 800 damage
    1 bodyshot = 200

    800 + 200 = 1000

  6. TheFlamingLemon

    The Gauss SAW should not be as good as the orion. It has a 100 round magazine and does significantly more damage per bullet and astronomically more damage per magazine. Having an equal TTK would make it flatly better. Also, while it can be harder to control (though in my experience it isn't at all, and is actually much better at long range), it's still more precise.
  7. UberNoob1337101

    Extra damage so people with auxiliary shield get 2 headshot bodyshotted.

    1000 + 50 = 1050
    840 + 210 = 1050
    1050 - 1000 = 50
  8. LovesLost13

    Hmmm.. i am on edge on this cause i have played NC and it does feel.. lack luster.. have also used Orion. Everyone dies. (again its most likely cause more rpm and used to it cause i main TR ) I do feel something could be done to the Saw.. to make it even with the Orion and even T-Carv but its hard to compare starters with other starters cause thats the opening of what the faction is sorta about.

    It is the most likely weapon people try at NC and learn real fast about recoil.. or attempt to and fail then move on to different faction.. instead of changing its damages or any of that.(This by any case wouldn't matter much to vets ) but perhaps just easier control of it? not like e Orion of course, Just a tiny bit but decrease range a little as well so its not to accurate farther ranges.

    Again only a thought. Even though the weapon is lack luster it can still get the job done if used right just rougher than other starters.
  9. Gundem

  10. Gundem

    Yes, I know exactly how SPA works.

    I want both 10 more damage and SPA.
  11. Campagne

    I don't really think the SAW needs a buff, but if it were to get one I'd want it to be a buff to accuracy.

    For a gun that requires accuracy more than most/all other LMGs, it has a disappointingly high bloom per shot. This is especially true when strafing which is basically mandatory to survive in PS2.

    Also INB4 "All LMGs bloom at the same rate." True, but who cares if a Carv misses a shot or two from its bloom? When a SAW misses due to bloom the user is punished significantly more.
  12. wolf113

    Precision is the main factor why NC6 Gauss SAW needs more time to kill. Another reason is against Nanoweave armor SAW loses 40 dmg vs orion 28, resist shield SAW 80dmg vs orion 57dmg. 100% accurate SAW users can not gain combat ORION. Even users of Orion can miss once again get a fight.
  13. Riksos

    The idea that nanoweave has a larger effect on higher damage per bullet weapons is not an argument to buff a single high damage weapon.

    Nanoweave affects the Cougar with a 143/10m damage model more than the Lynx with a 125/10m damage model. This is not an argument to buff the Cougar. Your logic would apply to any set where we took a low damage weapon and compared it to a high damage weapon.

    If you want to talk about adjusting Nanoweave, that's a discussion you can have. Nerfing or buffing guns due to a suit slot interaction doesn't make sense. Address the suit slot, not the weapons.

    I personally think nanoweave is fine and does not need to be changed.
  14. Taemien

    10 more damage on the SAW increases its base TTK by a meter or so. Giving it quite a bit more of an advantage over the other LMGs.

    No I'm going to say its fine as is. Sure, NW5 has an advantage against NC. An advantage VS and TR have to use over other options. Switch it up and pull a 143 damage weapon will screw them over.

    When I play my TR character and fight NC, I don't drop my Grenade Bandoleer for NW5. I just don't. Its not worth it.
  15. Sazukata

    I have very little recent experience with LMGs, but I can tell you after only a few hours in each weapon I did astronomically better with the NC6 Gauss SAW. While the Orion is more my style in terms of faster reload and ease of use (NS/VS weapons in general), the damage output on the SAW when landing headshots greatly improved my performance. Where it lacked in hip-fire accuracy (which wasn't really a problem), it made up for in that I could simply kill people absurdly fast. I'm definitely an ADS player; that's where the SAW shines, so that might be why I did better with it.

    I'm not saying "get good", I'm saying it's likely the two guns aren't meant to be played the same way. Regardless, I think they're fundamentally on par based on my anecdotal experience.
  16. asmodraxus

    You do realise the Orion is a CQC LMG
    The Gauss Saw isn't.

    This is like comparing the Spectre to the Boltdriver, I mean both are starter sniper rifles right, except one is performing MUCH MUCH better then the other which obviously needs either a buff or the other needs to be nerfed, right?


    If the Gauss Saw needs a buff you need to compare it against something like the Pulsar LSW, not the Orion.

    Orion =< Anchor = MSW-R
    Guass Saw = Pulsar LSW = T9 Carv
  17. Eternaloptimist

    Different weapons for different situations, surely? I agree that slow firing weapons suffer more from misses - but do more damage when they hit. SAW is a medium range weapon. Orion is a CQC weapon isn't it? Better to compare the Flare to the SAW maybe?

    I know SAW and Orion are both starter weapons (and the argument about what a better NC starter weapon should be is well rehearsed) but essentially you can cert into more equivalent weapon types pretty quickly. I've picked up the GD22S and the EM1 (it was a reward for doing the questionnaire) and they are closer to the CQC combat role IIRC (I hardly play HA these days).

    It seems to me that NC starter weapons in other classes are also geared towards medium range more than anything else - compare the Merc to the TRAC 5 or the Solstice. Bolt Driver kills more quickly at any range but particularly long range effective compared to the semi autos. Both of these NC weapons have slower rate of fire too.
  18. Ziggurat8

    You can't change the weapons based on theoretical TTK.

    1. As others have pointed out the SAW and Orion are 2 totally different weapons. Orion is a CQC weapon with a medium range at best. SAW is a medium/long range weapon.

    2. Changing a weapon based on something that not everyone uses all the time is just crazy. Not everyone runs nanoweave nor does everyone have nanoweave at max rank.

    3. If your going to change nanoweave then you should buff it to reflect the higher ttk of the slower weapons across the board. Give it an extra 2% against higher fire rates or something, how do you do that though? Code a specific damage reduction for every weapon in the game? Because there are 143 weapons with fire rates of 625. So changing nanoweave against damage nerfs the slow fire lower damage weapons.

    4. You cannot leave head shots out of the equation. Every single time I see one of these posts about nanoweave and slow fire weapons headshots don't enter into it. Except that slow fire weapons count in headshots to be competitive. The NS weapons are perfect examples of this. Very accurate but slow fire 143 damage tier. Without headshots they would under perform in just about every situation.

    Honestly I think nano weave is fine. I don't run it on most of my characters and hardly notice a difference in survivability. Good players shoot you in the face, so nanoweave is useless. Players that can't headshot get dead without me running nanoweave.
  19. \m/SLAYER\m/

    The only thing that NC6 Gauss SAW need is less teammates damage.
  20. Gundem


    no rlly thou SAW is fantastic at short range