[Suggestion] Buff Auraxium SMG's!

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  1. DerKacktus

    Hey there,

    Why is the Cyclone so much stronger than the Tempest for example?

    I mean with soft point ammo you make 167 damage up to 11 meters.

    With the Tempest you make 167 Meters up to 4 Meters. Big difference.

    Tempest: You have 143 Damage up to 26 Meters.
    Cyclone: You have 143 Damage up to 25 Meters with Soft Point Ammo.

    Also you can use a Compensator for the Cyclone which is another advantage over the cyclone.

    At least you should could put Soft Point Ammo at the Tempest or you have 167 Damage up to 9 Meters.

    The weeks of the 1160 Kill-Grind with 4 weapons is for nothing if the Auraxium SMG performs worse than a normal SMG at pretty all distances.
    I mean the Tempest makes still good damage at 26 meters+, but who uses a SMG at Distances like 40 Meters?

    The Description of the Tempest says it works like a carabine on the distance. The 396meters/sec make it feel like every other SMG, and not like a carabine.

    You should buff the maximum damage to 9 meters or change the Muzzle-Velocity to at least 450 meters/sec for all 3 Auraxium SMG's.

  2. Scroffel5

    Why don't we buff all Auraxium weapons to be special, like the Godsaw is? The Godsaw has an alt-fire mode. Why don't we buff other weapons to do the same? Instead of being "good weapons", why can't they be "special weapons?"
  3. LordKrelas

    The God-Saw's alt-fire is on multiple VS weapons, in which the trick is Superior on said VS weapons.

    But yeah, special traits would be nice on NC & TR Aux weapons, not just VS.
  4. Scroffel5

    I didn't even know that. Thank you. Maybe TR could have a special powerup with a cooldown that significantly boosts their rate of fire while also making their weapon's recoil hard, and NC could get.... a shotgun. No i'm just kidding. I want a special alt-fire for the Railjack, but thats not an Auraxium weapon.
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  5. LordKrelas

    TR's Butcher was meant to have a single-mag that contained their entire ammo pool, so they could fire non-stop.
    Daybreak never provided it, sadly.

    Having more characteristics for weapons would be nice.
    50-80% of special traits, are for some reason on VS weapons, with exclusivity, while TR & NC Specials have popped up on VS gear.

    I sorta like your idea, on the TR, minus the Recoil-bit since that could if handled poorly, making it basically CQC only (unless the point(?) )
    I'd add to the idea pool, of Incendiary Rounds, Proximity-Detonators, Tagging Alt-Fire (Demigan's short-term Wireframe), Slam-Fire (Unload An Magazine at an highly Accelerated RPM, but requires Pre-loading, from TR's confused SMG)
    While NC, Charged-Shots for Acceleration, Concussion-Rounds, Armor-Piercing-Charge

    Most of which I'd pair with Pre-loading such special rounds, and a delay after depleting their magazine, when switching back.
    Would make weapons have a few more interesting interactions.
  6. Scroffel5

    Yeaeh, that was the point. To make it really good in CQC engagements. I added the recoil bit cuz people would complain. I like your ideas.
  7. Campagne

    They are just terrible.

    What they need in my opinion is a much better maximum damage range, equalized reloads with the base SMGs, no compensators, suppressors, and instead of extended magazines lasers and grips. That would at least make the more or less on par with the base weapon with attachments.
  8. DerKacktus

    Also would be a good buff, it should be something more special like other Auraxium Weapons.
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  9. Exileant

    o_O Just make sure you boost V.S.'s Subs.... o_O None of ours are worth a dog... :confused: The nerfs killed the one that actually managed to be OKAY....
    :eek: All I use now are N.S. versions....

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