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  1. Caesar_REDMIST

    UPDATED 23rd NOVEMBER 2020

    Dear terran soldiers,

    Brutal Onslaught [BROS]

    We are an outfit that runs:

    open public platoons, tactical platoons (with discord mandatory) and competitive squads (A1 section of BROS).

    The outfit is an international outfit , like a Federation. We have people from all over Europe.
    The main language of communication is ENGLISH.

    Apply ingame.

    A few notes:


    - It is mandatory to join discord and follow orders of platoon and squad leaders. MIcrophone is not mandatory, at least you should listen.
    Sometimes it is requested some minimum loadouts, but you will be informed by leaders.


    - This squad/platoon is open to anyone of the faction, BROS or not. No big requirements, usually follow waypoints and our platoon/squad leaders orders that will be issued by game voice chat. (in case you cannot hear voice game chat, then remember to uncheck then re-check the voice box option , usually works).

    - A1 loadouts required
    - Some competitive requirement required
    - Trainings on Jaeger
    - Outfit Wars, Smashes, lanemashes, etc. A1 is basically preparing for all these
    Note there are requirements for A1 members, not everyone can access.

    PRIME TIME ACTUALLY AROUND 19:00 CET TIME ZONE. However we have squads running all day mostly.

    Officer Caesar74
    Brutal Onslaught [BROS]
  2. Caesar_REDMIST

    We are still recruiting both casual and elite players.

    We inform you that we recently won the SILVER BRACKET of OUTFIT WARS Alpha cycle 2 on COBALT.

    To be recruited use the the ingame app or otherwise join our public platoons and ask the platoon leader.

    We currently run:
    • Public platoons that can be joined by BROS and all terrans
    • Tactical platoons only for BROS with more tight play
    We also participate in OUTFIT WARS trying to qualify and then play.
    Alpha Cycle 1: We qualified for SILVER BRACKET and we came third (under name of Sons of Einherjar tag SON5)
    Alpha Cycle 2: We qualified for SILVER BRACKET again, and we won. We changed name, now is final BROS tag, Brutal Onslaught.
    We plan to try to qualify for the next cycle.
    There is also interest in LANEMASH events, but about these we will develop in the future. Ask our commanders about them.
    See you on Auraxis.
  3. Garuda

    Hi, can you let me join BROS?
  4. Caesar_REDMIST

    Sure, let me know your ingame name. I will inform the staff.

    Or use the ingame application, to be faster.
  5. Caesar_REDMIST


    I cannot list all the officers as we are nearly 30 people, but please either leave here your ingame name or make the application through the game.
  6. Caesar_REDMIST


    There is no MINIMUM battle rank to apply. However you will get into the game as FRESH RECRUITS and then TRIAL. Only after joining game with others in discord you will be set as full MEMBERS of BROS.

    All TRIAL and FRESH RECRUITS not logging in 6 weeks will be kicked from outfit.

    You can still reapply though, we will evaluate case by case.

    To join outfit, use the ingame application, is fast and effective at the moment.

    General Kaesarr
  7. Caesar_REDMIST

  8. Caesar_REDMIST

    Dear all,

    we wish to inform you that we have now a COMPETITIVE group inside our outfit that is called A1:

    If you are a BROS member you can apply to be a A1, please contact ForzT4F.

    What is required:

    - at least basic knowledge of the game - the will to improve at the game - having at least one fully certed loadout on at least one class - joining our discord channel when being online or in our squad - prioritizing joining A1 squad when it's up in game

    There are several ranks of A1, as it is competitive you will be selected or ranked according to your STATS and to your presence in official events.

    Note that A1 is the first that will show up in Jaeger events, competitive events and the next Outfit Wars.

    Outfit still welcomes standard tactical and also casual play, with or without discord. Discord mandatory during PRIME TIME and tactical squads/platoon.

    Kind regards

    BROS Officer

    A1 Leader: ForzT4F

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