Bring back the old resource system, or FIX this one

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MisterBond, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. doombro

    So now I'm apparently implying things. I guess it's an upgrade from stating them outright.
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  2. Klypto

    This **** was destroying the game more than anything.

    Tank farm > Max Suit > Medkits > C4 > Medkits > Tank > Esf > Liberator SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE

    Specialization MUST perfom significantly better than that kind of diversity.
    That doesn't work. Even if all 3 cost 750 I could still go Max > Lib > Tank > MAX etc.
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  3. StainPain

    The new system is ****** as fk and you will see how much it will diminish your experience. There are a billion other ways to balance this game beside this stupid idea. Classic example is the way they handled "Lethality" pff, nerfing ALL offensive options, well done my 12yo cousin would have come up with a better idea. PS2 development team is taking expired drugs I think....
  4. MisterBond

    In reality, you can only carry one grenade etc, and if you throw it, you have used resources.

    In a large battle, you will chew through grenades, C4, med kits etc in minutes, leaving you with 0 resources.

    Now you have no grenades, no med kits, no c4 and are still in the same fight, when before you could stockpile them.

    Suddenly the platoon lead calls you all back to warpgate and wants you all to pull MBT's etc for a ground vehicle push, but you can't because you spent them all trying to stay alive in the previous fight.

    So now you wait at the warp gate for your resources for 10 minutes so you can re supply all your grenades etc, and pull a vehicle.

    Before? I could be in a fight, use one of my 40 Grenades/C4/Med kits and replenish them as needed, so I almost always had some in reserve, and in a pinch I could instantly pull a vehicle to help in a fight even if I used up all of my infantry resources.

    The new system sucks.
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  5. FateJH

    Based on his behavior, I believe MisterBond is trying to express his frustration rather than gather anyone to actually debate his points on the resource revamp. Anyone who does agree with his points is just an added bonus.
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  6. Noktaj

    Absolutely right.
    People seems to miss that this is a way to NERF resource gaining.
    True, you'll be able to pull more of THE SAME thingy faster, but you'll have to give up all the rest. So you either chain-pull MBTs or you throw graneds. Sorry folks, no matter how you feel about it, that's math.

    Well, I was pulling few-to-none vehicles before... guess I'll be into infantryside for good now :rolleyes: and I'll probably spawn less helpfull sundies too since I can forsee my resources will all go into C4, nades, healing nades, AV nades, tank mines and AI mines.
    Sorry folks, no more nanites for that sundy! You'll just have to insta-spawn somewhere else. :D

    Let's see how this will be on live though.
    I'm actually intrigued to see how people will react on this one, but I seriosly doubt there will be and increase in subscribtions and boosts (which is probably the main reason why this system was implemented first place).
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  7. MisterBond

    Soon as somebody makes a valid point I'll openly support it.

    The only, ONLY thing I agree on with all the people is this completely slows down and prevents mass spam of grenades/vehicles etc.

    However, cutting off an arm to take care of a hang nail is not a solution, they could have raised/reduced cost on items, vehicles etc and come to a much better solution.

    This tying everything into ONE resource pool with a cap of 750 when we used to have 2250 resource points to use and STILL have everything cost the same as it did before? Massive overkill.
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  8. Pseudo Neo

    I think the new system is a great idea. I spend a large portion of my time wanting to pull a specific vehicle for my gameplay session and I often can't because I'm low on a specific resource. Want to continue the tank rampage? Sorry you don't have the resources, but you can pull a liberator! Too bad I have an awful liberator and I don't want to use it anyway.

    I think it's a great idea to keep everything in a common pool. You'll have the option to play your way using the resources you have instead of having 2/3 of your resources tied up doing nothing but collecting dust.

    The 60 resources per minute regen also seems reasonable. It gives you plenty of time to pull and utilize your vehicle. If you die within 7 minutes (the time it takes to recharge 450 nanites totally) you'll be working at a net loss but you can still use a vehicle. If I die within my timer for a vehicle I would usually wait for the timer and think about how to avoid dying the same way. I call this novel technique "learning".

    If I can't keep things going after two consecutive pulls then I find a battle somewhere else where I can have some fun and not get plastered so quickly.

    I don't know about everyone else, but this change is great for me.
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  9. Crator

    That's kind of the point of the specialization. If you want your platoon to all pull tanks at the same time then everyone must ration resources for that end. Or, you know, the platoon leader could perhaps stop requiring all squads to pull tanks at the same time and instead have enough Galaxy or Sunderer drivers (whom have rationed resources) to haul the rest of the players around that have spent all resources...
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  10. Inex

    I'd almost go for that, but since the new system is a resource boost for nearly the entire population it's hard to see where the frustration comes from. Of course, very few people are unhappy with it, so it's possible he's just a dedicated Allatum farmers who sees the writing on the wall with the removal of XP bonus resources.

    Maybe he's just Higby's sock puppet? ;)
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  11. RawLucidity

    Now that servers are up, go play with the new system and just play the game.
    God, people. I understand why Sony doesn't read these forums.
  12. Copasetic

    Well how about this, in the old system you were punished severely for trying to defend a continent where you had almost no territory. Know what I did when I was on a continent with 10 inf resources? I left. There was nothing else to do.

    Instead of creating these awesome last stand fights on a continent that was about to be captured it just caused everyone to leave, creating a pop imbalance that got worse and worse until it was just a steamroller going through the motions. That's not fun for anyone.

    So maybe this new system needs some work still but I think it's a better foundation to build on.
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  13. MisterBond

    New personal thread rule:

    Every time one of you says that the resource system is "Specialization" I am going to ignore you flat out.

    You keep miss-using that word and its tiring. Specialization is when you can only do ONE thing, and only ONE thing.

    Playing as infantry, switching to tanks, then planes, and then back to infantry with no effort is not specialization, its a game like Battlefield etc where you just fill whatever roll that's needed in an instant.

    Specialization is like in World of Warcraft where you are specialized, for example, taking the Druid.

    You can only do Druid things, you can't pull out a bow and and a pet and suddenly turn into a hunter, you are forced to play as a druid no matter what, otherwise you start another character.

    THAT is specialization. Planetside 2 its not, simply by the fact because if I rarely throw grenades etc I can still pull a vehicle in an instant without effort.

    I can leap out of my vehicle at any time as a HA and start rocketing a tank as my partner as an engineer repairs it. Those classes, HA and Engineer? Those are what we have specialized in because we are locked into those rolls until we pull another class.

    I cannot spend certs on my character to make him aim a tank better, make him hurt more with the tank etc in ANY tank I ride in, I can only OUTFIT my tank to do different things that ANYBODY can jump in and use. I do not have a hard cap in how many things I put points into, if I could only cert out 50 things total and dumped them all into infantry, then I am specialized as infantry.

    Managing resources to pull vehicles and resupply infantry resources is NOT specialization, its resource management.
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  14. Noktaj

    They should. People here are people that play the game, regardles the fact that they can be annoying or not.
    Referring just to the reddit "elite" is what is bringing this game to what it is now.
    If this is a good or bad thing, for me, it's still open to debate. Ain't looking bright though.
  15. r4zor

    And how is it bad that players will no longer be able to mindlessly spam HE/AV grenades, C4 etc etc? ;)
    It can all be seen from two sides:
    -Yes you will no longer have a stock of 40 grenades to throw till you eventually have to save up again (like throw nades -> equip term -> reequip -> rinse and repeat!) This change may actually reduce the clusterf*** of grenade and C4 spam that some bases currently are and give more importance to real gunplay.
    -Yes you may be effed if you suddenly need to get an MBT but in the end it is also your fault for not giving enough heed to saving resources by utilizing them wisely.

    Let's wait for how it plays out before calling this game "doomed" again. And honestly. most of you guys here think far too onesided and far too egoistically when it comes to playing this game.
  16. RawLucidity

    Very true.
    It's just forumside can get a certain... way.
    It would be good if Sony would put a word or two into some of these threads though, encouraging people to try out their system.
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  17. MisterBond

    I can defuse your argument in five seconds by simply turning that statement around, and how the resource system entirely hurts good players because they are experts with grenades, C4 etc, and now they can't pull any to help their team mates and thus have limited their ability on the battlefield.
  18. Atis

    And if i want to specialize in explosives, I'm out of C4/mines in no time and forced to play RL primary HA to make more booms... or UPGRADE NOW.

    Or if I want to be dedicated AMS hunter, and I sacrificed my MBT to get that new overbuffed sundy down, I dont have nanites to burn second sundy, so again I'm forced to run HA.
    Great, we surely needed more HA in game all these years.

    SOE gave very few ways to play with every class and loadout, because hey we could switch to adapt and now suddenly we cant afford switching. Now we should stick with 1 unit which can run, shoot and do another 1,5 thing. Seems like most OP weapon now is boredom.
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  19. r4zor

    And this of course can also help newer players, who would otherwise be spammed to hell by those "experts with grenades & c4" and now may actually have a chance to survive a bit longer. :rolleyes: You know, "help their team mates" may also occur through using supportive classes (Medic) or regular rifles instead of I-WIN stuff.o_O

    See, you're thinking far too selfishly. In your mind "high skilled" players should be able to endlessly pull force multipliers that allow them to farm "less skilled" players. This attitude hurts this game by denying most new and inexperienced players to get around in this game. In fact this attitude hurts every game, only in games like COD/BF you won't notice it since customers have already paid the price no matter whether they'll stay or not. Here they'll try it F2P and if they dont like it they'll leave.
  20. Shadowyc

    They do. But they try not to refer back to the forums. Fewer reasons to drive to the therapist. :p