Bring back color indicators for platoons

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SixReasons, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. SixReasons

    According to the ticket I opened the ability to see colors of platoon members on the map is not supposed to be there. It is supposed to show gray icons on the map instead of color coordinating with your platoon.


    Sony rep:

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. From the screenshot you posted that I am not able to identify an issue. Your platoon mates are showing up correctly, they are not identified by squad color as implemented currently. If you wish to see this change, I suggest posting on the forums and submitting a bug report in game.
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  2. BlackJackBlack

    This ^

    How could white platoon indicators ever, ever, ever be a good idea? Is there some sort of unfair tactical advantage given by knowing who in your platoon is following orders and who is farming at the crown and needs to be kicked?

    SOE. Buddy. This is not a question. Colored platoon indicators are not even a question. Bring them back.

    What is with this unnecessarily removing features and then forcing community members to vote to bring them back?
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  3. tdawgz

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  4. BlackJackBlack

  5. LibertyRevolution

    Yep.. map is useless now for seeing where useless people are.
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    yep, makes life needlessly more complicated when leading.
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  7. MrMojay

    Yeah this is really annoying, cannot see where people are unless you zoom right in and lean towards to monitor, it should be put back to way it was.
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  8. Reloaded

    This bugs me as well. It makes it very difficult to even find your platoon on the map.

    I'm not sure why it would have been purposely changed to this? I had assumed that it was another bug created with one of the updates.
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  9. Laraso

    This was actually intended? Does that mean when it was showing squad colors before, it was actually a bug and was never originally intended to show colors at all?

    I cannot think of any logical thought process that would lead me to the conclusion that removing colors from the icons is a good idea. It just doesn't make any sense, at all.

    Bring colors back.
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  10. MrMojay

    Maybe it is a bug created when they introduced the colour change we could make for the different factions?

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  11. LokiSchwarzes

    This definitely needs addressing. Was flying with my platoon earlier, went to resupply ammo, opened my map to see where they were dogfighting... couldn't see them at all because a white liberator icon over the letter t in a base name is virtually invisible.

    SOE please either set all the icons to squad colors, or some variant of our custom faction color.
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  12. MrMojay

    I think it is fixed, the quoted post shows my colour settings and I just joined a squad and they showed up green, I was not in a platoon.

  13. TintaBux

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  14. Captain Khi

    It is actually distance related.
  15. MrMojay

    Explain what you mean please!
  16. NovaAustralis

    If this is legit...

    It wasn't broken in the first place.
    Why change this to something that makes it HARDER for squad and platoon leaders to do their job!?

    Change it back. Now.
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  17. CausesChaos

    ********. They need to fix this. What ******** motherf*cker thought that was a good idea.

    Tip for SOE - Who ever suggested that "Feature." If they suggest anything ever again, do the complete opposite.
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  18. VibroAxe

    It's definitely not fixed, but it looks like it now works as intended for squads as MrMojay aluded to. However, as soon as you upgrade to a platoon everything goes to ****. As one of the main platoon leaders for ownd on cobalt, frankly this just isn't acceptable and means we can't do our job!

    Come on SOE lets show some love for the Platoon Commanders please. It's bad enough that we don't get score when staring at the map trying to organise, but to not know where your platoon is... Makes no sense :(
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  19. WolfA4

    If you are far away colors appear white, when you get closer they actually fill in with the appropriate color.
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  20. VibroAxe

    WolfA4: Can you screenshot demonstrate this, as I dont see it working like this?

    Also, still unhelpfull. It's generally the far away ones i'm interested in!
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