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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by The Wolf, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. The Wolf

    Looking for outfit similar to military styled game tactics/playing including name.
  2. Shanther

    As far as I am aware, for the VS at least you wont find one.
  3. Total_Overkill

    This isnt Arma, such things do not work in PS2.
  4. DaMann22

    Like they said, this game caters more to the arcade type of FPS, not simulation.

    You will have to check the recruitment pages of some of the more popular outfits to see how they stack up to your standards. Shanther and Total overkill are of Xen of Onslaught and are part of a great outfit. My outfit Quantum Dawn, as well as other outfits, offer something different as you can see from our recruitment pages. Still check out this Waterson forum for all the VS outfits and how they match up to you.
  5. Afrodude4

    That doesn't happen on Vanu. The vast majority of their outfits don't coordinate at all.
  6. Shanther

    I would argue that isn't true here.
  7. The Wolf

    First of all this is a futuristic war simulation actually. Another thing tactics do help for players to win alerts, including bases.
  8. Nyxpip

    I think what they meant was super specialized "elite" tactics really have no place in this game. We tried that with our outfit originally, but good old fashioned teamwork out-did any of the fancy maneuvers we could think of.

    If you're looking for an outfit that puts a heavy emphasis on teamplay, the Purple Wraiths do teamwork training twice a week, with a serious Op each Friday. However, we also do fun, really silly events mixed in, as well as casual play throughout the week to try to keep the game fun and exciting. A perfect mesh of serious and fun play :) if you're interested in us.

    You won't find a military styled outfit on VS as far as I can tell, it doesn't really work out in this game. However, there are plenty of awesome outfits to choose from, you should browse the outfit threads on these forums to figure out which would be the right fit for you.
  9. The Wolf

    Or I can just join the TR and find one I am sure since they have tons of them. By the way tactics rely on teamwork you do realize that right? In retro spec this game does rely on tactics.
  10. Jaeger41

  11. The Wolf

    Why would I choose to fight for something that contradicts itself? You want freedom, yet can never be free while fighting for corporations. In other words the government is replaced with a corporation and your still a cog in the wheel and not free. Also I was once an NC but I did not believe what they were fighting for, even half of their combatants seem a bit less realistic to me in combat itself. More like they are inhuman.
  12. Dagonlives

    Not really. You won't find any 'military tactics' type outfits on the TR. IR asks if you have completed some sort of military service due to the number of veterans there, but as a rule those tactics are not really applicable in a game where it is much more efficient to die to accomplish your objectives. While Planetside 2 is a game that features war on a grand scale, it's not realistic enough to warrant those sort of strategies.
  13. The Wolf

    So it seems a mod deleted my post so I will have to repost it.

    For those who say it doesn't exist in VS

    Now onto your responses Dagon, 1. I never typed military tactics, and I quote I stated "Military styled game tactics" every game such as this or soldier front have their own tactics within it. I never said real life tactics. 2. Rushing is a tactic even dying intentionally to complete a mission objective is a tactic. Just about everything you do in this game is based off of a tactic.

    noun: tactic; plural noun: tactics
    1. 1.
      an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end.

      synonyms: strategy, scheme, stratagem, plan, maneuver; More

      • the art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organizing operations, esp. during contact with an enemy.

        synonyms: strategy, policy, campaign, battle plans, game plans, maneuvers,logistics; More
    mid 18th cent.: from modern Latin tactica , from Greek taktikē (tekhnē ) ‘(art) of tactics,’ feminine of taktikos , from taktos ‘ordered, arranged,’ from the base of tassein ‘arrange.’

    3. Here are outfits that say other wise.

    There are eight different Terran Republic outfits. Another thing I never said this game was real none of the weapons, factions or even people exist within the real world.
  14. Shanther

    "Military styled game tactics" is for all intents and purposes a fancier way of saying military tactics. That being said said though you are misunderstanding what people are saying. People are telling you most military tactics don't for the most part work in Planetside. You are reading that as "tactics don't work in Planetside." They are not the same statement. Tactics in general work and are important in this game.
    If you take the time to look at the stats for the outfits you linked, most are either non existent, really small, or in the case of BWC a zergfit who only uses some coordination. More often then not people use the idea of "military realism" and its various variations (lol) as a buzz word to get attention.
  15. WycliffSlim

    "Looking for outfit similar to military styled game tactics/playing including name"

    The way you phrased your statement made it seem like you were looking for an outfit that employed military esque tactics during battle. The fact is, those type of tactics are neither applicable or effective in Planetside 2 which is what people were trying to explain to you. A better phrasing for what it seems like you want would be that say that you're, "Looking for a highly organized outfit that emphasizes teamwork and organization". Typically the best overall tactic that you can have in Planetside is to simply stick with your squad and keep each other supported. A unified group of 12 guys can easily hold off twice their number of unorganized pubs.

    The problem is that what it looked like you were asking for doesn't really exist and that's what people were trying to explain to you. Clearly you were looking for something different than what it looked like and if you just want a competetive outfit that sticks together a lot then there are numerous outfits on all the factions that fit that bill.
  16. ({x})Kyoji

    Only scrub outfits that want to be a pretend special forces group focus on military tactics. It sounds cool and it seems like it would work but it doesn't. If you want military tactics go join a different server with those outfits or if you find one here join it. All the best outfits on Waterson focus on team oriented gameplay rather than military tactics.
  17. Posse

    I like this guy.

    Btw, if what you wanted to mean is that you want to join an outfit that uses tactics and isn't a mindless zerg, and not that you wanted to join an outfit that roleplays as if they were in the real military (this is what pretty much everyone here understood), then there are a lot in the VS, XoO for one, but there are others, look for the one that suits you better.

    If what you wanted to mean is what everyone here understood, well, afaik there's none on VS Waterson, but those kind of outfits are usually free kills for the good organized outfits, keep that in mind.
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  18. Dagonlives

    You are asking the wrong questions then. Most of the posts here are applicable if you want 'tactics'. If you want military tactics though such as supressive fire, squad by squad bounding, or traditional 4 man fireteams, they do not work outside of a game like ARMA 2 or Red Orchestra. I recommend those games for that sort of playstyle.

    Planetside 2 is a game more about class composition, good communication, and teamwork, although its scale can fool players into believing that a military style system would work. Ultimately the shooting mechanics are similar to games like COD or Battlefield 3, with fast deaths, quick movement, and fast respawn times, which is not suited for a 'military style tactics' strategy.

    Considering you've had posts from VS outfits such as Xen of Onslaught ( who are noted for their teamwork and use of tactics) perhaps you simply need to do more research as to which outfits operate to maximize their effectiveness in combat. There are numerous outfits on Waterson VS who play to win.

    The problem with your post is that using military style tactics is not a play to win style (and it is work intensive) meaning that most outfits have tried and discarded those strategies.
  19. DaMann22

    I think that fire teams and the like work well in this game, but you are talking about some very, VERY disciplined players and outfits. This is extremely rare but possible. I like to use my squads essentially as fireteams. Each squad usually has a different goal to take the base. Quantum Dawn is very teamwork focused as well and with our Stormtrooper initiative we are breaking away from the norm for a more covert, spec ops oriented gameplay.