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    Guys i am posting here for a reason plz read

    I am a blue lion from a different server MATHERSON i am looking for eu based players who are willing to change server now that we have our update to keep our brought items.

    What the BLUE LIONS have to offer?

    1) We are already a large outfit wuth over 379 active members
    2)We run fun ops nights through out the week where all can come along for the ride.
    3)We have teamspeak our own chat for freindy banter with our team PG chat only.
    4) We run training through the week as well which involve different tatics.
    5)We have alot of experinced players that have come from planetside1
    6)Active website
    There is 1 problem for me because i roll with this outfit the eu side of things is slow as most of them are from far away so im looking for some good guys to make our outfit even better and offer it more ops and training that work for me as eu time are far away form the est times of my outfit i do not wish to leave my outfit as i have alot of history with these guys and i am staying on matterson as the fights here are bigger and better here also i seem to get better fps there .

    If any of you guys are interested plz send me a freinds request SMOKEYGNAT .
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