Blackjack Torture Club is recruiting again.

Discussion in 'Waterson (US East)' started by ApolloRadec, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. ApolloRadec

    We had to purge roughly eighty members that have failed to sign in this year. So we're looking to get some new recruits in. We're accepting any and all players, but its a bonus if you're a skilled player. We're a friendly teamwork oriented outfit.

    We have our own website with a very active forum with tons of conversations about in-game guides and out-game fun.

    If you're wanting to join us, contact one of our admins in-game. (Mikhailh, HobbitLauncher, Skullface360, or Talihyse) or head on over to our website and apply there.

    I hope to see you on the battlefield!
  2. ApolloRadec

    Bumping this thread. We're really looking for anyone who is willing to work hard with a team of friendly players. We give a chance for everyone to prove themselves and lead a squad/platoon. And we are working on possibly having weekly events.
  3. KiddParK

    I'm just logging in today to do the exact same thing. Anyone Pre 2013 whom I don't personally know or see on TS is GONE from the outfit. And of course I put a back door in the forums that they just have to pipe up and say hi to get back in. But I'm guessing that by the time I'm done, it will be close to 70 or 80 as well. Best of luck for our friends in the BJTC. Cleaning house is arduous but soooo necessary.
  4. Solf

    They can take away our magriders, but they'll never take away our oppressive Lashers!

    Thanks to Tioten for the video and Talihyse for organizing the BJTC, VDRS and another outfit's (sorry, forgot who) defense of Andvari Bio lab.

    Lasher Brothers for life!
  5. ({x})Kyoji

    From the small bit I have played with them they seem like a very coordinated bunch. Plus they have a female commander. How awesome is that! I am jealous, we only have female members, but the only female squad leader we had has slowed her playing. I cry a little inside everytime I have to listen to anything else!
  6. Solf

    I'm pretty sure you have us mixed up with another outfit. We currently don't have any female platoon leaders that I'm aware of. However, I do remember hearing a female voice on the VA mumble friday night.
  7. Solf

    We run public platoons on a nightly basis.

    If you're looking for an outfit to join, give us a test run by joining one of our public squads with the tag [BJTC].
    If you like the way we run things, message your squad leader and he'll hook you up with an invite.

    Here's an image of of a BJTC armor platoon from last Friday night:

    Another thing to note, we've made getting on our Teamspeak and registering with the website are requirements for outfit members.
    If you don't have a mic, or can't talk, that's okay too. You just need to hop on TS so that you can hear what the Platoon Leader is saying, plus we're a friendly bunch :)
  8. Dixa

    just cause tali has small hands doesn't mean he's a girl m'kay!?
  9. Talihyse

    Anyway BJTC has now be restructured and is still recruiting!
  10. KiddParK

    Hey, Xen and Sents are looking at around 12th or 19th for the Esamir Event... both are in the air, let me know if one works better for you guys than the other. I'm busy talking to the NC outfits who will show for it. Great to have you aboard!

  11. Solf

    Hey KiddPark,

    Either date works fine for us since they both fall on a Friday.

    As for those looking for an outfit, be sure to give us a test run one night and see if we're a fit! We're still recruiting.
  12. Skullface360

  13. vaxx

    Cool video, the music is soo...Vanu'y.
  14. Nyxpip

    I see my gal kissing Tali's! BJTC is a great group to play with.