Best weapon for nc light assault

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by anchorman, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. anchorman

    I have just recently started playing the LA for NC and was curious what is the all around best weapon for them . I would rather not use a shotgun but will in the right circumstance.

    I was also wondering why dont c4 unlock account wide like med kits do, I unlocked two bricks for my HA and now I have to unlock them again for light assault?
  2. Heyitsrobbie1984

    i just use my SMGs. i dont need to use the carbines like ever
  3. Iridar51

    Yes, you have to unlock C4 individually for each class.
    If you want true versatility, then stick to the Mercenary.
  4. TheRighteous

    Default is good for all round.
    SMG's are also quite nice :)
  5. Terran537

    Shotguns. You say you don't like them, which is fine, but they are an absolute terror on a good LA.
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  6. Heyitsrobbie1984

    i used to be a proud owner of the auto shotguns, until SOE nerfed the bastards
  7. Terran537

    They're still good. Just open up and laugh at the certs.
  8. anchorman

    K Thats what I been using , I was just curious about the other weapons before I certed into them wish I could use the carnage for my light assault that would be nice:)
  9. Iridar51

    Well, you can check my LA guide for some comments on each type of a weapon available to LA and then see what sticks to you.
  10. anchorman

    I cant believe I didnt see the guide before I started this thread nice work must have took you a long time to complete, after doing a little quick read and doing a little VR I must say I like the Razor. Best of all I already have it unlocked so thx for all the great info now I just got to get used to not having over 300 rounds with me.
  11. CanadianAttackBeaver

    Razor is good all around and is actually the best carbine at range.

    AC-X11 is great at the mid range, GD-7F is fantastic in close quarters, and the Mercenary is also good all around.

    If you want to try a SMG, I personally like the Cyclone. The Cyclone's performance is similar to the GD-7F within 15 metres with the added bonus it can be used by all classes if you want to work on getting Auraxium with it.
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  12. EMP1RE

    NC LA- My personal preferences are:

    Merc: All around kickass, Short to mid (can be used at long but by practicing good firing discipline) range.
    Cyclone SMG: Short range, great for quick drop in and out kills.
    Piston shotty: Very short range, 1-2 shot kills depending on enemy health and class.
    Side arm: Underboss or Desperado w/ silencer depending on your type of play style (sneaky and surprise or flank and loud)
  13. Kronic

    I've seen the Cyclone being mentioned but I personally think that if you're gonna get an SMG, get the Blitz. The GD-7F does what the Cyclone does (drops 1-2 targets very fast) but has more range to it. The blitz drops targets slightly slower but has a massive magazine, making it good for flanking. The Merc is good at everything, including long range, just requires very good recoil control.
  14. LibertyRevolution

    Option #1: Piston Autoshotgun with extended mags.
    Option #2: Blitz SMG with advanced laser.
  15. anchorman

    Thx for all the replys, after trying the razor out in battle its just not what I thought so I will probably stick with the merc until I either get the certs or the cyclone goes on sale . I tried it out in vr and it really felt good with the ext mag and all. I also think that soe should add nanoweave 3 or 4 on all the test dummys in vr so you could get a better taste for what a gun can do. I do own a pump shotgun but havent tried it since the nerf.
  16. GumboEU

    I use the GD-7F. I love the ultra-high rate of fire and the viability for mid-range fights that make me prefer it over the SMG I use on my CQC Infiltrator. Put a forward grip on it and you're set. You don't even need a scope - if you can't aim at your target with just the iron sights, it's outside of your effective range; self-ragulating one might say.
  17. GSZenith

    GD-7F with forgrip 4x zoom, almost like having a TR gun - the recoil.
  18. Badname0192

    Cyclone, you can stretch it out farther than you think due to the damage output not being terrible and in close you have something that will peel the flesh off of enemies usually before they react, just hit the head once for an even faster, more satisfying experience loaded kill!
  19. DashRendar

    Nice try, the GD-7F has higher horizontal recoil than ANY TR Carbine.

    GD-7F: .225/.3
    Jaguar: .225/.275
  20. Metal Insomniac

    Attacking/defending towers - Bruiser shotgun
    Everything else - Blitz SMG

    This is what I do, and it works pretty damn well for me. The Bruiser is an absolute beast in towers. If you aim carefully, you can get one kill per shot.

    The Blitz is a lot more versatile than people give it credit for. It's the perfect flanking weapon with 50 rounds of carnage.

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