Best way to farm sniper rifle directive?

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  1. Rikkit

    Flank, you realy want to be alone(almost behind ennemy lines), plenty of bullets in your bags, the motion spotter at max rank, find a nice rock around 120m(+-30m) away from the sundy/the frontline (amerish is beatyful, but you will find nice spots on other continents too)
    Maybe with visual to the ennemy sundy, jump around for some time to discover your escape path, deploy your motion spotter(50m of "this will hurt a little bit") nearby have fun, try to kill the same people over and over again, till they start hunting you.
    When you recognise they are homing in on your position, stop shooting new custumers.
    Focus on hunting your hunters. When they enter your 50m-"this my spot go away"range make them pay for comming close.(or just kill them on their long way to your location)

    When you are polite, and when your recursion stat tracker tells you, you dominate one enemy, start a conversation and teach them how to beat you. if done right, they will bring you ammo...(true story)

    Thats the way i enjoyed the way to auraxium the most.
  2. Lord_Avatar

    Go to Hossin -> pull a Valkyrie -> fly to a contested base containing a nice tall tree (think Offal Pit for example) -> profit.
    Team up, slap down a beacon for additional revenue.
  3. The Walrus Whisperer

    Don't let the pleb non infils know our farming points.
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  4. Rhello

    The way I farmed the directive was to use the semi auto snipers (KSR, 99SV) and the TSAR at medium range from a flanking position. If you are into a fight where the distance of your shots don't matter, put a suppressor on (maybe not for the 99SV), and enjoy farming while others won't be able to locate you with the map. For the real sniper rifles... Well, do as the others said. Find a fight where people are not pushing, and prefer farming their stupid ribbons. A lot of those fights happen on Indar, on the two extremes of the map, where you have very big, empty deserts, with some rocks scattered. You should position yourself well enough to hit anything behind these rocks, and let the kills come to you. I'd advise you go for NC instead of VS targets, since the latter realise what's up much faster than NC's.

    But lets be honest, you'll end up with a shiny version of the RAMS, which kills at a lesser range, gets you detected at 80 meters, but has 30 m/s more. Not a really good trade.

    Image is bugged, but if you click the link, you can see it's clearly worth your time only if you're dedicated enough to get it.
  5. Diggsano

    Andavari Baracks -> Terminal Farm -> Profit
  6. The Walrus Whisperer

    I've learned that TR infiltrators are the best prey because of their arrogance. I enjoy putting them down with my Longshot.
  7. Rhello

    Well, I'm realistic. I wouldn't have had my pistol directive if it wasn't for NC's abundance of low BRs, nothing personal there. There only are high BRs with beltegeuse left on vanu, so nope.