Best way to deal with this...yeah shotgun evar

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ximaster, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Ximaster

    Ive tryed to kill at close quarters with Underboss,Blackhand,Spiker,Lasher,T7 MCG and other weapons that i have unlocked. Nothing is effective. People have INCREDIBLE reaction time. So im thinking to try the best way to deal with close quarters encounters: a shotgun. People said that shotguns are for noobs and other things that said. Well,because is too hate for shotguns i will buy one. Maybe then,the people stop to troll at me. So tell me,which shotgun is the best for 1 shot kill in close quarters???? NOT TR please,im starting to hate TR again. Im thinking on the Phobos or similars in NC. Or maybe the Jackhammer,this last one seems OP,but is a weapon for HA. I need ur opinion. Which one is the best????
  2. Liewec123

    if you have great flinch reflexes then Pump Actions are extremely powerful,
    they're the "one shot kill" you're referring to but they're also slow, so if you miss that first shot you're dead.
    for NC those are Claw and Bruiser, Claw is slightly faster, Bruiser is slightly harder hitting.

    if your accuracy isn't very good then i'd either recommend an auto shotty with extended mag (Piston is the NC one)
    or a high RoF SMG, Blitz is amazing since it has a massive mag size and tiny hipfire cone.
  3. JojoTheSlayer

    Even with a triple shot from a Jackhammer. You dont always get a "one shot/click kill".
    In my opinion the multi role Empire specific auto shotguns or the NS pump shotgun are the best ones.
    For most "one hit kills" with good aim. The NS pump would be an obvious choice, but most will have more success with the auto shotgun because of easy of use.


    If anyone are NC and reading this I recommend getting the automatic Piston rather than the Jackhammer.
    I have Araxiumed both and overall the Piston is better. Mid mag reload is way faster on the Piston and the Jackhammer triple shot is currently a 50/50 thing after they removed 1 pellet from the burst (long ago). Making it practically a useless cosmetic HA only shotgun compared to other multi class shotguns.

    If you want a triple shot shotgun of course. The Jackhammer can be fun to use...
  4. DeltaValkyrie

    I'll admit when I first started I sucked so bad at this game (still do) and the best thing I ever did as a newer player was play light assault shotgun. It's a great way to learn positioning and attacking without needing to worry about aim as much. Once I auraxiumed it I went on to use carbines and found I had improved in my playstyle and my accuracy had increased with that.

    Long story short: Use whatever is necessary to get you what you want ^^
  5. Gammit

    Keep in mind you're in a Light Assault sub-forum, so you won't have access to the Jackhammer, which is a HA-only shotgun.
  6. Maxence822

    Personally I love the GD 66 Claw
  7. Eternaloptimist

    Sure I've seen this post somewhere before..............
  8. Duban

    The problem with pump action shotguns is that you have to be close enough for all the pellets to hit, really sure your aim is dead on, and are probably ****** against shielded heavies. Plus the semi-auto shotguns give you some ability to fight damaged MAXes which pump actions don't stand a chance.

    Personally, I'm partial to the quick reload semi-automatic shotguns. They have the tightest spread after the baron, but do a lot more damage. Also, they don't have nearly as bad a reload time (which you need to do a lot with shotguns).
  9. K2k4

    my first ever auraxium was the automatic shotgun for TR. I've dabbled in the pump action and NS shot guns, but the auto shotty was the only one I ever stuck to. I still prefer it over the others for effectiveness. Easier to dump a load of pellets and more forgiving if you miss than other shotguns.

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