Best way of getting CRT Points?

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  1. Snowmageddon

    get enough certs for the next lvl up gun... from there just one tag people, everyone and everything you see and the assist Xp comes like water.... i dont even bother killing anymore... Q, shoot, move on...
  2. Sienihemmo

    They actually changed that to 1 cert point every 250 XP just a few days ago. So for capping a large base, you get 4 cert points (I've personally confirmed this ingame). So 2 kills and an assist gets you one. Or killing pretty much any airborne vehicle with a pilot inside.

    But even with that change, the best way is probably to resupply AA maxes, especially ones in your squad. Heck, the best way is to organize a few friends into a squad and get to a high point near Crown with a couple of AA maxes and you resupplying/fixing them as an engineer. Doing that will get you 15XP for squad resupply every clip the maxes use, and they eat trough a single clip in a few seconds. With 2 of them, you'll probably have an XP notification on the screen constantly until your ammo pack disappears.
  3. Alcatraz

    I have an avg cert gain of 55/hr right now. When I work to farm certs I gain around 80-100 and the highest I have had was 150 or so in an hour. It has actually gone down since I have stopped doing the "pigeon hole" roles to gain certs. Mainly b/c I agree with another post here. I want to actually slow my pace down and take time to enjoy playing the game.

    Anyways, the top ways I cert farmed.

    - Play with at least one friend/squad mate.
    - Get the 50% increase in cert gain.
    - Medic with revive grenades. Go crazy and revive everyone, shoot when no one is dead.
    - Roll 2 man tanks - HE main/ vulcan 2ndary. Take out everything. Spawns, sundies, tanks.
    - Be engineers. and heal your tank. Duh :)
    - Roll liberator. 150 Dalton gun. Go sundy hunting.
    - ESF if you can manage to grab tomcats and the AA main chain gun. Kill all the Rocketpodders that turret. Kill everything in the sky. Make sure to have a wingman. Go upwards of 50 - 0 in the sky.
    - go MAX and Engy combo. Both reap the rewards.
    - Sundy AMS and baby sit. Not my fave, but it does work.

    Anyways, always make sure to stay with the action and with a group. You can get tons of points from the captures while doing the above things. easy gains. Hope this helps. BTW I play TR. My in game name is Alcatrazz bc some lev 2 nub stole my beta name.
  4. Olliekitty

    Camping can get you certs fast. Did this with a Lasher and g2a missile launcher.
  5. PvtRyanParts

    anyone can be good with a lasher, though. I made a vanu, trialed the lasher to see what it's like and almost gave up playing NC.
  6. Jestunhi

    I found that in an average session I was getting hardly any xp from the sundy vehicle resupplies.

    I switched to barricade armour instead to increase my survivability. Got lvl 3 atm and aiming for lvl 4 (will leave the 1000 cert lvl 4 for now).
  7. Saberune

    I net roughly 100 certs on a good night, give or take, on my engineer. I stay close to the hot fights, drop ammo, repair EVERYTHING, and even manage to get a kill or two here and there. I also spend a fair amount of time in a lighting racking up kills. And always make sure you're close enough to the control point to get capture XP. Playing a medic gets the certs rolling in pretty quickly, too, if that's your style. As an infiltrator (the class I actually enjoy) I usually only pull in about a third of that for comparable game play, so at the beginning of the night, I have to ask myself if i want to grind certs or if I want to chill out behind the scope of my rifle.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like playing engineer. There's lots of fun stuff to do, but it's not where my heart is, so yea, sometimes it's a choice between productive and fun.
  8. Hismomo

    I made 100 certs from sniping in my first weekend. I was a bit addicted though, but for me the best strategy is to travel with a group taking places while you get kills and what not. The bases give a lot of certs, which adds up pretty fast.