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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by SinerAthin, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. SinerAthin

    Hey guys.

    I'm wondering whether or not I should get a new shotgun.

    Currently I am using the first generation Pump Action and Sirius SMG, but I feel like I could've used something in between. Something with a heavy punch but a bit extra range, like a Slug Ammo automatic/semi-automatic shotgun.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for what I should get?
  2. Konfuzfanten

    If you want CQC+range then orion is the way to go. If you want an shotgun with slugs then go semi-auto.
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  3. Whargoul

    All the shotguns are good, it really depends on what you personally prefer. I like the Pandora for a charge-in style HA CQC shotgun. Phobos is good for being efficient and flanking. Nova works really good with slugs.
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  4. eldarfalcongravtank

    for closequarters, i'd stick to pumpaction shotguns with pellets
    also, it is no use equipping slugs on pumpactions, use slugs on the semi-auto shotguns instead
    if you want a midrange beast, go for thanatos or nova with slugs
    pandora with pellets does a surprisingly nice job cleaning close-quarters too
  5. Mythicrose12

    Pandora with slugs works wonders, too. You can full auto the hell out of someone in CqC while having the ability to single shot (or burst) ranged targets outside of traditional buck shot. Haven't used slugs in a while, but it might be two head shots or three body shots to drop most people. Only drawback on the pandora is the low ammo pool.
  6. Fumblewatt

    Love the pandora with and without slugs, although i play engineer 90% of the time, deimos is the coolest looking pump shotgun in the game imho, since you play HA try out a pump with laser sight, extended mags is better for semi and autos
  7. FnkyTwn

    The only way to know which Shotgun suits you best
    is to hop into VR with them, and then Trial them.

    The new Pumps are great, the Phobos tends to favor
    those who might miss on occasion because it has a
    faster RoF. The Deimos hits harder, but if you miss
    against another PA user, and they have 1st gen then
    you're probably gonna lose.

    Pandora is great in CQC and at range with Slugs, and
    with slugs, you can still reliably use it CQC, unlike the
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