Best things to cert into for VS Heavies?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by SasoDuck, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. SasoDuck

    Right now I've been saving for the Lasher, but after that, what are the best things you can buy for Vanu Heavy Assault?
  2. Quor

    Get the G2A rocket launcher first. Think it's called the Nemesis. Whatever has the ability to lock onto air targets. It's easily the best investment you'll make, as you can also use it to attack ground-based targets with great ease. The G2A rocket travels faster and has a flatter trajectory compared to the normal rocket launcher (at the cost of being about 25% weaker per hit). But it's better to guarantee a hit than to miss with most of your shots due to travel time and drop.
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  3. SasoDuck

    25% less damage?? I've gotten pretty used to the drop rate, and can hit stuff from pretty far away (unless they're going at top speed perpendicular to me). That extra damage can really be useful.
  4. Quor

    To each their own, but I find the added AA capability is far more useful than the dumbfire rocket damage. Besides, the practical difference is, at most, another two rockets to take down any given vehicle. You're hitting for something like 1600 damage instead of 2000 or what have you.
  5. SasoDuck

    I suppose I could just cert into the extra rocket capacity. Offhand do you know how much that upgrade is?
  6. Quor

    Think it's 100 certs for the first level of it. But it's a suit slot upgrade, so that means no shield capacitor, flak armor, ammo belt or nanoweave armor if you have it equipped.
  7. SasoDuck

    I don't think I've certed any of that yet, and I've played enough to be used to not having it.
  8. Timujingeo

    Get yourself a medical kit as you'll need it.
    Stick a laser dot on the lasher to improve it's dispersion and bear in mind that it's best used indoors as a spam weapon. Don't even think about using it outdoors as every enemy in the area will zero in on your lasher spam.
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  9. VoidMagic


    It is the duty of a Vanu Heavy to carry the G2A launcher.
    Unlike the TR and NC scum we cover our aircav from the ground.

    It's what makes us win, and them cry. Every time you lock up a Mossie
    or a Reaver regardless of your personal gain, the Sovereignty inches
    closer to overall domination. Do not be weak and selfish like our foes,
    cert your G2A and play your part for science.

    Every time you engage thier air, you cover your fellow ground mates,
    you give our air the upper hand, and you shift the balance of power.
    And you weaken the resolve of their pilots.

    Individual kills are pointelss if your faction never makes it inside major fascilities
    cause everyones off single player mentality xp'ing. The REAL xp/hr is gained when
    our foot is squarely on their necks and they are bearly fighting out of thier spawn in
    major fascilities. The G2A launcher is key to this end.
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  10. SasoDuck

    Um...... ok. I'll consider it. How many G2A rockets does it take to kill a Liberator with no additional armour?
  11. tugernut

    saso i must agree here , the g2a rocket launcher if i had my way would be mandatory on every loadout of HA in the vanu arsenal.
  12. SasoDuck

    Ok, I guess that's my next purchase. I take it it's 1000 certs as well? It might be a long time before I actually get it-- still only 456/1000 towards my Lasher.
  13. Nenarch

    Mine is..

    Orion primary, pistol, Nemesis G2Air missile launcher.. considering vehicle one
    Nanoweave 5 (hp additions), Medikit 4, Nano Mesh.. green shield.

    I'd leave lasher out for now.. I consider it being a broken weapon, what's only suited to special situations.. and I always forgot the take my lasher loadout when I should use it.
  14. SasoDuck

    I tried the trial for it today and loved it. Difficult to use in point-blank range because of the self-inflicted damage, but devastating at any other range, and useful for shooting people waiting behind doorways because of the area of effect. The trial feature is extremely nice, letting me get a taste of the gun before actually spending certs on it, although I wish it was for an hour, rather than only 30 minutes.
  15. Pashgan

    Purchased Lasher for 350SC on *two* toons and never been happier - finally I can kill stuff. Now waiting for G2A sale. Not going to waste 1000certs on weapons yet (it's a week of normal gameplay for me) - there are many other options/skills for certs investments (shields, explosions, regeneration kits).
  16. Marinealver

    Medical kit and extra grenades, then your rocket weapon and shields.

    don't buff armor, those certs are only good on MAXs. Don't think andrelin shields are good. No one gets a kill streak one right after the other.
  17. Grognard

    Could not agree more... My daughter and I will sometimes pull an ammo/ams sunderer and set up shop behind the lines (far enough back not to jack up the forward radii for other sunderers...) simply to cover our air force, and clear the skys of the red/blue debris so purple air superiority is locked up. 100% agree, G2A all the way.
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  18. SasoDuck

    I know it's a grind, but I just don't have money to go towards non-existent guns. My money goes towards food and the occasional DLC for Mass Effect. Or Crysis 3, I did just drop a load there, but that's a special occasion.

    I did really enjoy the Lasher when I tried the trial. Pretty cool gun, although it's weird that it makes no noise..... glitch maybe?

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