Best shotgun loadout for NC LA?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Maxence822

    I have just auraxiumed the Razor and almost auraxiumed the Cyclone with my NC LA.
    So I wanted to try the shotguns. I trialed the claw yesterday and in 30 minutes of trial I got 10 kills in the first 5 or 6 minutes, I think it may have been beginner's luck of some kind. But there you go I would like a whole new loadout to use with what you consider the best shotgun for NC LA.
    Thank you,
  2. Maxence822

    Actually it was not the claw I used it was the bruiser, and I only got the chance to trial it for about 10 minutes :/
  3. Dirge

    I am very partial to the heavy pump actions. It is my feeling that if you are using anything other than a pump action, you might as well be using the gd7f or the serpent, although I am sure many would disagree with me on this.

    So my advice would be to trial the bruiser in addition to the claw, and pick whichever one you prefer.
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  4. Maxence822

    Ok I will do that. What exactly is the difference between the two?
  5. Dirge

    The bruiser has 1 more pellet, and wider spread, as well as slightly (.1 second) slower reload and rechamber.

    I prefer the bruiser.

    Also, as far as attachments go, all you need are ex mags.
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  6. Maxence822

    Ok thank you! So from what I understand the claw may be more mobile and very slightly quicker and the bruiser is just for all out destuction at very close range. I think the claw may be better for me. So what about those slug ammo?
  7. Maxence822

    Also could you reccommend a full loadout that tends to work well with the shotgun?
  8. Iridar51


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  9. Iridar51

    There's only one standard LA loadout: regeneration implant, C4, nanoweave, frag grenade, sidearm of choice, primary weapon of choice, Jump Jets.

    This is the baseline. You can change specific parts of that loadout, but they will require to adjust your playstyle a bit.

    I have a detailed shotgun section in my gunplay guide, it will help you choose a shotgun:

    In the end, it doesn't really matter which one to choose, as all of them share a very short effective range of just a few meters. Pump actions can be tricky to use for beginners, as they require very good aiming skills and trigger discipline. Full auto is the easiest one.
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  10. Maxence822

    Thanks a lot!!! I will try out semi auto and then pump to see just because full auto seems cheap and overkill... And I don't like it :p Oh and thanks also for helping m a few months ago to pick my first LA loadout I don't know if you remember...
  11. Iridar51

    "Cheap" and "overkill" describes full-autos pretty good, actually. They are exactly that. Whether that's desirable is upon the user to decide :)

    You have a semi-auto shotgun unlocked by default, Mauler, and it's a perfectly viable shotgun, so you can use that, just slap extended mags and you're good to go.

    Semi-auto shotguns are a bit similar to semi-auto sniper rifles: the main thing to remember is to not spam shots.
    Shotguns have unusually high bloom per shot, meaning that after a 2-3 shots hitting or not hitting the target will depend on luck more than on anything else. So make sure to take your time and carefully aim each shot at enemy's center mass. That's a note, always go for center mass. Going for headshots is a bad idea for many reasons.

    Shotguns already come with a huge advantage in terms of time to kill at close range, so you can spare a few milliseconds to take aim. You have to be fast, though. Click, re-aim, click, re-aim, click... repeat until one of you is dead. Same way you have to use the Commissioner, actually, but a bit more leeway, since you're firing a whole lot of pellets at once, instead of one huge bullet.

    And, of course, as with all shotguns, the biggest part of "skill" is not the gunfight itself, but getting within effective range in one piece. Clever Jet Pack use help immensely in that regard. Also keep track of enemies on the minimap, so you know exactly when to pop out from behind the corner and blow your load in the face of that female VS infiltrator.

    Glad to have helped, ask any time.
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  12. MallowChunkage

    Mauler, Drop extended mags on it and you're good to go, you'll get the most kills with this, it's the most usable at range (Bar the baron and brawler) and it's short reload time is real short (this is kind of a big deal, and why the sweeper isn't the best.)
    Pumps are okay, but I find that when it's time to reload you can suffer greatly, not getting the 1HK lethal totally screws you for TTK with them too, (Reason why slugs are bad for pump action, gotta headshot for that 1HK).

    Piston is cute but the ammo capacity sucks.
    Bruiser is satisfying but the spread is unacceptable.
    Brawler is hilarious but the mag size is too low and the hipfire is too ineffective.
    Claw is the better bruiser due to it's higher ROF and tighter spread.
    Sweeper is a worse Mauler, unless you're at very close range, in which case you still have to worry about it's long reload.
    Mauler is unexciting, but performs the best. good spread meaning you hit harder most of the time, good reload rate, 10 rounds in a mag, 2 shot kill in most situations, maintains that for longer than the sweeper, short reload time is about the same as reloading 2 shells for the pump actions, 1HK to head, reasonable ammo capacity, high fire rate for nuking crowds.

    And of course, if you want to consistently win at close range, slugs never, adrenaline pump to get to close range always.
    Slugs are viable for other, less mobile classes, but as light assault your flanking abilities are second to none, you can get to close range and use the shotgun in the most effective, highest damage manner, which is pellets.
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  13. Caydn

    1.Piston is the best
    2.Sweeper for semi auto
  14. Iridar51

    Baron not pump.
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  15. omfgweeee

    Yesterday i tried Mauller with slugs and man i swear i didnt have so much fun in months.

    Pelets may give you ultimate CQC power but with slugs i can shoot from the roofs. It feels like semi scout rifle i swear.

    Also in CQC i still own enemys but have to aim much better cuz no spread.
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  16. Lord_Avatar

  17. Skiptrace

    After Trialing the Claw for my LA, I think that the Claw is literally the best shotgun in the game... It does punish for missing, but it deserves that 1k Cert pricetag. It's a 1 shot bodyshot to targets without Nanoweave 5, and a 1 shot headshot regardless. It's ROF is also really nice compared to the Bruiser (the other Pump Shotgun) and it's an overall better shotgun than any of the other ones (especially the Baron.)
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  18. Caydn

    The claw is a pump and I wouldn't recommend any pump action unless you trial them in the VR room and see if thats the weapon for you.
  19. Leivve

    Fancy "Hard Mode" LA shotgun loadout!!

    Shotgun of your choosing, I recommend full auto or pump, but your choice.
    Adv. shield capacitor
    counter intelligence implant

    You want to play peek-a-boo with your enemies on a vertical plain. Towers, both bases and wall towers are excellent killing ground for you as you can drop in, quickly kill someone then superman out of there and move around the tower randomly to keep them guessing.

    You want a shotgun you are comfortable killing with so you can get in and get out.
    Adv. Shield Capacitor let's you hid, and by the time you finish reloading and collecting yourself you're already ready to go.
    Medkits, C4 is not as effective with Icarus, so the ability to heal yourself will be more helpful for the situations you're putting yourself in.
    Counter Intelligence, if you get a bad engage, knowing when/where someone can see you with your pants down is very important.

    Be unpredictable with direction and timing, if you can help it.
    Start backing off the moment you're seen; you don't need to necessarily flee every time you're seen, but you should be ready for the moment someone turns to challenge you.
    Better to miss a kill and try again then to be greedy and die, getting in position can sometimes be a pain with Icarus.
    Attack one on one, or when everyone has their backs to you.
    Pay attention to the minimap.
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  20. Extremite

    Well then...logging on to try this out right meow!

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