Beginner's Guide to Flying

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by mfowler3000, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. mfowler3000

    As a pilot who's grasped the basics, I felt like I had a fresh memory of what worked for me to succeed in a Reaver/Scythe,Mosquito, so I thought I would share my thoughts of what works well for beginner pilots in Planetside 2.

    If you're new to flying or want a few tips to get your first kill, this guide might just do it for ya.

    Let me know what you think! Did I miss any important details? All feedback would be appreciated. (Remember this is in the context of beginners and survivability)

    Thanks guys.
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  2. Tasogie

    Nice vid mate, gave me some good ideas. As far as moves go, I took that idea form another guys vid about being able to stay on target by turning on your own axis.. I do it by pointing nose down an spinning round on my own axis while always pointing at ground. it does make you a HUGE target cos your heading towards ground at a very slow speed, but it is great for hammering a tank with rockets :).

    At moment learning to fly has taken all my time, but I got my first kill yesterday (or be it a assist) but a kills a kill :p.... just uploading my vid now I will show you when its done, an see if you can give me any pointers to change:)...
  3. mfowler3000

    Haha I know what you mean, my first "kill" was an assist, I was so excited, yet so pissed that someone stole the kill. How's your progress now?
  4. Tasogie

    Doign alot better, I've had 3 kills. I know thats nothing but I got them off my own merret. Biggest trouble I have now is die usually within minutes of getting into my reaver. I have not learned how to shoot things an pull out in time. So I normally nose into the target or ground. But mostly its AA that gets me (funny how ppl say AA is broken) cos it obliterates me every time.

    My latest with my first kill. Also shows jsut how crappy I am at end lol
  5. mfowler3000

    Nice to see fellow a fellow NC pilot :)

    You look you're doing great! Nice job with practicing maneuvers and getting comfortable.
    At the end you tried so hard to get that kill, but got chased in turn, if that happens, stop chasing and practice evasive maneuvers, that's important to increasing survivability :)
  6. Tasogie

    Yer, I lost sight of the guy as he did a reversal on me an got behind me. At that point I was screwed. Getting into a furball where its 2-3 on 1 is never a good thing.
    I also dropped some details to get a much smoother flight, I think thats more important that graphics... Now I get a better frame rate an much faster response time.
  7. 13lackCats

    We need more posts like this.

    Thanks for putting in the work to build the community.

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  8. Metsuro

    This is your move.
  9. mfowler3000


    A subscriber of mine showed that to me a few days ago, it turns out I'm doing the turn inverted. I begin by flipping and then lift the plane.
    I feel it's a bit less worrisome and less thought going into the maneuver, instead of waiting to see the ground and THEN flip.
  10. zappy

    switch between 3rd and 1st person (defult T) when you lose track of the enemy, and follow the contrails
  11. Talizzar

    AA is fine against paper thin planes, ie ESF's. Most of the chatter is about Liberators and not being able to kill them with the insane amount of damage they do.
  12. Exostrike

    Question, what is the suggested FPS we should have before trying to use aircraft?

    From your video I fell that I can't play aircraft due to low fps.
  13. Metsuro

    Well in real life its easier to pitch up than down, its why they flip first, then roll.
  14. Str8Dumpin

    ditch your signature move, and develop a third person turn that also gives you 360 degrees of vision. looking at the sky in first person isn't helping you.
  15. mfowler3000

    Third person is extremely disorientating, I've tried it before over and over. I find it hard to go back to first person in order to begin shooting as the change in FOV is major.

    I prefer the mini-map for locating enemy aircraft while flying.
    So what kind of third person turn are you referring to?

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