Bastion alive with all hardpoints destroyed.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Charoplet-MM, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Charoplet-MM

    So as you can see the Bastion became bugged - all hardpoints were destroyed, but Bastion show that it has 1 hardpoint left (both on map and for owner of Bastion it was 12500 HP).

    I was piloting a Bastion tonight and I got lag spike when NC airball came to the Bastion, so it was like 3000 ping and 7000 latency (I have 50 ping and 60 latency all the othre time on the alert), after 8-10 seconds ping and latency stabilized, Bastion lost all hardpoints except 2 and I go to map so could better dodge enemy ESFs (I was a pilot of the Bastion), soon we lost 1 more hardpoint, on the map it was 1 harpoint left, in Bastion it was 12500 HP left, so I was sure we have 1 more hardpoint so I try to dodge enemy ESFs being on map, turning Bastion left and right. As soon we destroyed enemy airball and move to Howling Pass we get time to watch the situation + I finally got the private message that our Bastion is bugged (we have all hardpoints destroyed but on the map and inside Bastion there was information that 1 hardpoint is still alive). After we realize it is bugged we send it to TR Warpgate
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  2. TrojonKing 1st

    Now that's what I call Good Sportsmanship. :) But that squad a Drink!

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