Banshee is so OP it's not even funny

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. Goden

    If you are a pilot on the TR faction and you don't already own this weapon then buy it right now you have no idea what you are missing. It doesn't have the longest range but it really doesn't matter because it can kill entire squads of infantry in less than 2 seconds.


    Well what are you waiting for? Go grab the Banshee and some thermal vision and enjoy rolling in so many certs you won't even know what to do with them all
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  2. KenDelta

    See SOE ? revert NC's airhammer back to it's glory.
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  3. PlatoonLeaderG

    Agree for infantry and maxes are great(thats what supposed to do!) and for air and armor are bad!Meanwhile NC shottie can be an all around weapon....
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  4. Goden

    ESF's can carry two weapons. Just throw some missiles on the wings for anti-armor work and tada! You can now slaughter everything!
  5. Pikachu

    Banshee is the best of ESF A2G nose guns but they are all underpowered.
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  6. Tuco

    Aiming aircraft in this game is more obnoxious than the nose wobble on a 109 in wwiionline.
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  7. Goden

    Good thing the Banshee has explosive bullets so you don't even need to aim with precision.
  8. Halon

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  9. IrishPride

    I used to use it a lot ,but it sucks shooting at enemy air with it you might as well punch the Esf lol it's still a great Zerg farmer though
  10. GrandpaFlipfox

    I'd settle for a full auto firing mode.
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  11. Alarox

    Let me know how hover-fighting with a shotgun goes for you.
  12. Goden

    Who needs to fight ESF's when you can use the Banshee to farm helpless infantry
  13. VogonPoetMaster

    I don't get it... most of those kills are single kills and pretty spaced apart.
  14. SinerAthin

    Well, enemy ESFs usually don't ask for your permission before they engage you :)
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  15. Cinnamon

    It might be slightly better than the light ppa I guess. Probably better than rotary against infantry currently with all the changes which I think some pilots are still super salty about.
  16. GhostAvatar

    LMFAO, you can kill entire squads in under 2 seconds... yeah if the entire squad all stand within a 1m circle. The evidence is right there in your post, all the kills are spaced out with about 2 double kills and one triple kill. That person was simply picking off stragglers around the edges of a conflict or just farming an empty continent off peak. As for not needing to aim, your right. With a max damage radius of only 0.5m (three times smaller than rocket pods), a CoF 25% larger than rocket pods, and a very slow velocity compared to other nose guns. You have to be so damn close to the enemy that little aiming is really needed. Bear in mind that you would need less aiming skills for the rocket pods and be far more effective at a range three times the distance.

    The Banshee is a very focused weapon. As such it is highly damaging within that focus area. But that area is very small indeed and you are unlikely to get more than 2 people at a time that close together in a fight, where you would be able to get close enough to kill them and survive the encounter.

    Also in accordance with forumside rules, you forgot to tag this thread with a PSA.
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  17. Surmise

    saddest thingis when you see br100s farming with it 24/7 while to use it actually you don't need to aim just hold LMB and hover like a baller all day, must be fun padding kdr with it
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  18. iPlague

    Oh wow look a Banshee! Gratz you farmed some nubs who didn't lock on to you.
  19. Leftconsin

    I can go on kill streaks like that with a stock lightning. With thermal optics it can get really disgusting. But aren't all vehicles like this? What experienced player isn't going to crank out a 30+, 50+, 100+ kill streak with a vehicle they are good with?
  20. Hatesphere

    even with lock-ons its not that hard to wrack up a kill streak with an AI weapon in an ESF. you fly in get 2-3 kills fly back out again. took some damage? pop fire supession and do it again. that or just run flares and ignore the lock on for long enough to kill 1-3 guys.