Balancing the carbine arsenal

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by McMan, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. McMan

    I want to rearrange all factions carbines a little bit so they cover more specific ranges and jobs, are more different to each other, have some more faction oriented traits and feel more fleshed out.

    -Some Rules: Faction carbines can not have the best faction traits of other factions (examples: NC and VS can not have a 845RPM carbine only 800RPM at most or TR and VS can not have 200 damage carbines only 167 at most or 600RPM 167 damage carbine)


    -fast firing CQC carbine:
    TR Lynx with a 845RPM 143damage
    VS VX6-7
    NC GD-7F with 800RPM (improve handling a little in return)

    -75% ADS carbine:
    TR Jaguar with 780RPM but drop its min damage by 1 tier (to make it different from Trac5 and thus worse at range)
    VS Zenith
    NC Bandit

    -starting carbine:
    All fine here
    -burst carbine:
    All fine here
    -S carbine:
    All fine here

    -long range carbine:
    TR Cougar
    VS Pulsar
    NC AC-X11 (drop 577RPM to 550RPM because this is the one truly statistically OP weapon, but whatever)

    -easy to handle carbine:
    TR T5 AMC give it 125 damage model and make it in line with TORQ
    VS Serpant give it 650RPM easy recoil and a heat mecahinc
    NC Razor (maybe give it 35 round magazine to make it stand out from other NC carbines)

    This would make more order and sense and keep empire traits to each empire. What do you think from an objective perspective (aka. dont whine if your favourite carbine has been changed in this example)?

  2. Ximaster

    Whatever u said,whatever u post about suggestions,DBG do whatever he wants,so is a loss of time posting those threads,there are a lot of players that make suggestions,and if DBG take care of all of those,this game turns a party that light assault can turn invisible and heavy assaults can fly. I make some suggestions,but i know that DBG do what they think is correct for the game.

    Anyway i dont have any of those weapons,i recently build a burst rifle to my Vanu medic and it works very good. DBG do good work to the changes to burst rifles.
  3. McMan

    First of all I am not sugesting some graber/hook/jump pad/drone/rocket for light assult like many do. Its a simple thing of sorting all of the carbines equaliy with all three factions.

    Second. How do you not own any of the above weapons? And why even post a reply? What did you even reply?
  4. Maxence822

    I like the changes! Just one thing, the ACX11 may seem statistically OP but it is really not, it has a **** ton (pardon the expression) of recoil. Handling it is super tough and it is not very good at short range on top of that as its RPM is very low
  5. Ghoest

    Balancing carbines at this point is dumb.

    Every faction has good guns for everything. The differences are slight and differences in results could be player bias. Any more changes are just removing flavpr from the game.
  6. Corezer

    ac-x11 to 550rpm would be a buff, it is 500rpm flat, not 577.....
  7. McMan

    ups I meant to say that for Pulsar C not AC-X11