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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Yago, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Yago

    A couple of questions ......

    A few people I have spoke to are experiencing the audio dropping out during game .
    You get a gfx stutter , then silence from sound card .
    Is this a case of my AI drivers (external firewire) or a case of something that has changed in PS2 recently (IE are others now experiencing audio problems) ?

    The other point is one that has been brought up before .
    The stereo audio is not panning correctly , left and right are correct , but as you turn your viewpoint (eg) to the right . The loud noise that was in your left ear doesn't fade away proportional to the angle , but suddenly disappears .

    Might not like much , but lordy does is sound abnormal and disorientates from the game environment .

    Oh , just to add the obligatory part , nerf the TR in general , and the scatmax .
    Anything other than Vanu is easy mode .
    Your logic fails .
    Strawman fallacy .
    Deal with it .
    Any other BS you want to throw at it .
    Lets move on please , nothing to see apart from the audio problems ! :)
  2. Duvenel

    I've not heard of this exact issue, but I've experienced the audio fade problem you mentioned. But care to elaborate what you mean by gfx stutter? Does the game crash after this or?... Also might be an idea to post this in the technical support forum.
  3. Yago

    I thought more people would see it here than in tech (for now:p).
    Understand they are technical questions , but the panning problem has an tactical implication .

    Graphical stutter happens as the audio driver cr@p out , like a kind of lag (but not) .
    Then silence , game runs on fine .

    The panning/fade problem is that sound does not move smoothly through the stereo field , but moves in in jumps (it's there and now it isn't) .
    Sometimes you can turn you view and suddenly hear a tank that was off to one side of you , not good for a soldier in the field .

    Gonna have a look around at drivers for my AI and see if there is a solution to the cr@p out .
    The fade/panning problem is a general request to all players to see if they experience this , as I see it as a pretty big gameplay issue !
  4. Corey Shay

    This is the first I've heard about audio completely dropping out, but if it's accompanied by graphical issues, it's possible it could be pretty catastrophic. By chance does this happen when adding or removing a USB audio device?

    With regard to the panning issues, it's possible this could be attributed to incorrect Windows audio driver settings. Meaning, perhaps Windows thinks you're using a surround configuration, but you only have stereo speakers. In that case, sounds playing behind you will be silent.

    Could you specify your audio device configurations?