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  1. FreedomMan12

    What I mean by the title is to give battle ranks 10, 30, 50, 70, and 90 a unlocking of some kind of combat enhancement. Like BR 100 with the A.S.P. system, there should be a system of some kind for these milestone battle ranks as a motivational tool for players to want to reach that rank. This way, the game will be more enjoyable for interested players. Maybe the system can include unlocks for vehicles, like weapons or abilities that are locked/hidden away until the players reach that rank. This will help newer players to focus on the basics until they have gained more experience and have familiarized themselves with the game. The devs can come up with new abilities that give vehicles and soldiers more versatility at these ranks for the experienced players to use. Such as abilities that give a tactical advantage when playing in a squad or platoon (maybe these abilities can only be used when in a squad or platoon).
  2. LordKrelas

    Wouldn't that literally mean Higher BR players would have superior equipment than lower levels, which would then actually matter..
    Making it a snow-ball effect, based on How many people 90's you have over your opponents.

    As all equipment is a 'sidegrade' - the moment equipment is BR locked, what happens if that Ability is 'Barrage', or "Vanguard Shield"
    Then what? Then those Lower-BR have less upgrades on the weapons they have, and no way to use or match it.
    It gets a bit more severe, when they're 15, and such gear is 70 as well.

    Battle Rank does not need to matter on an equipment availability level.
    It already at bare min, displays an inkling of experience, and certs likely available and or used.
    We do not need Level 70 Champions raining down Abilities, that have no equal among "Lesser" BRs.

    Now if they were Squad locked:
    Oh fantastic, now a squad or Platoon has even more tools that only work for them, and those in those squads.
    Naturally coordinated outside of those groups? No benefits or anything, even if in the same platoon.
    If they are potent: Now we have a dozen mini-squads to take full advantage of these locked-out abilities.
    and if BR locked as well; Joy, a new squad is completely dead by BR designation regardless of any effort of said squad.

    IE, I think it's really a bad idea, to literally level lock equipment.
    5-15 Sure, maybe - But, 30, 60, 70? What in christ are you locking? More Free OSC shots?

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  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Frankly, not all weapons are sidegrades. Some of them are just worse than the rest. But those that are plain better are usually the Auraxium weapons, which have to be earned the hard way.

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