[ASP Progression] That moment when...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Eranorz, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Eranorz

    ...That moment when you pay for a month's membership again, just for ASP perks

    Then you decide painstakingly on the Heavy Assault secondary perk, cause two LMGs would be cool, as verified by friends who are just as clueless as you are.

    Then you realize you don't get two LMGs, you get a "Heavy Weapon" secondary

    Then you instantly remind yourself that there's no take-backs

    Then you do some digging around, and realize the chaingun is the only "heavy weapon" on your faction

    Then you realize you don't own the chaingun. :(

    Feelsbad bros...

    P.S. That moment when you really wished you asked people less clueless than yourself about ASP, and that you were better at reading/caring

    Also feelsbad :(

    *Begins farming certs for the chaingun*
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  2. adamts01

    They mentioned an option to re-spec in the future. All hope is not lost.
  3. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    There will be take-backs in the future! We haven't nailed down the plan for re-spec quite yet so it may be a bit of a ways out, but the option will arise at some point!
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  4. Gushroom

    feels man
  5. JibbaJabba

    You guys need to get on this ASAP. It was not a good thing to release the system without this.

    Want to know how to kill one of your Whales? How to make one of your cash cows up and quit the game?

    This is how... Let them make a permanent an irrevocable change to their primary toon that they regret.

    Never before could any decision "ruin" an avatar. You might make a bad cert purchase but you could earn more certs and then make the right one. Now it's possible (as illustrated by this thread) to actually do something bad to your toon that can't be undone.
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  6. JibbaJabba

    Also hit the opposite problem:
    I put 500 certs into a reserve shield wall on my HA.

    I can't use it.

    I don't have the ASP skill for it, but you still let me spend my certs on it.

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  7. Eranorz

    Doesn't feel so bad anymore
    Thanks for comforting me Bro

    'preciate ya.
  8. Luicanus

    Ahh I was curious about that. so you need to spend the ASP on it AND buy it but they let you buy it before the ASP is unlocked. That's got to be an error.
  9. Movoza

    Drama meter is pointing at eleven!

    Dude relax. A select few people might make mistakes, but it was warned for a bunch of times that you needed to be very careful with your choice. You have ample options to try it out too. Finally, they did say several times that they were researching possibilities for resetting/changing asp.

    If people can't live with their choices, where does it leave us?
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  10. JobiWan

    Honest mistake I guess, but I wasn't sure what 'heavy weapons' meant so I looked it up. I also think it's pretty obvious that it unlocks the ability to equip stuff, but you can only equip something you've already purchased.

    The information is all there, but have a bro-hug anyway.
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  11. Liewec123

    360 nanites libs and gals was an easy first pick for me,
    As was 360 nanite mbts and 280 lightnings for the second pick

    Also you didn't pick too bad having a jackhammer, MCG or lasher as secondary, if you play heavy a lot then it is a huge bonus
    Running around outside with a long range LMG and then swapping for jackhammer or MCG indoors,
    you'll have the advantage wherever you go.
    Lasher too has its place, there are times when I'll be running an LMG and the enemies will be huddled together behind cover and I'll wish that I'd had lasher on me, well now you can! :p
  12. JibbaJabba

    If they can't live with their choices they'll quit playing. That was kinda my point.
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  13. VhynSeven

    Well if someone wants to leave the game for making poor choices and can't live with it, it has nothing to do with the devs.
    We have been told ASP are permanent (for now, at least), so everyone has to think before choosing. Besides, the OP admits he didn't read right and was clueless when doing so.

    Now I'm not saying devs shouldn't make an ASP-reset item, but criticize them because someone can't swallow the fact that he made a bad choice out of his own mistakes isn't the right thing to do.
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  14. Eranorz

    Yes I fully admitted to my own idiocy and lack of reading comprehension when I blundered my "opening move" with ASP...
    but since a member of the dev team has stated that there will be takebacks in future, I'm not too worried about it anymore tbh :)

    It will be implemented long before I hit BR 100 again in any case, so I can be patient.
  15. Movoza

    I don't think he aimed it at you. A mistake was made, which can always happen. That doesn't make it your choice. You chose a secondary LMG, but got a secondary heavy weapon in return. Then you're living with a mistake and not a choice, which is a clear difference. In addition, you neither quit the game nor are making a huge fuss now you know a reset is coming. So I think his whole post is directed at people who choose things and then quit because they don't like their choices.

    Maybe make a ticket and you might get a free option to reset your ASP once. The implementation is likely to involve a form of threshold (certs/payment/time/something else) to prevent on the fly changes to ASP. It is clearly meant as a heavy choice with a perk, but forfeiting other choices.
  16. JibbaJabba

    It has everything to do with devs. If users can do something stupid, they will.

    You don't ever, ever let a player invest years into something and then allow for a change that my irrevocably ruin the character **in the players view**. It doesn't matter how many warnings you stick up there, human nature will happen. If it does, you don't want that player to quit. It's bad design. We used to find similar mechanics in older games, but in modern games, devs have wised up.

    The ASP mechanic is unique to the rest of character development. Making a bad cert purchase just means you have to work hard to get the right one. Making a bad ASP purchase means the right one is now gone forever.

    It's ok to have some mechanism to correct this that is painful (reset token that costs something, regrind the certs cuz you should have picked reload speed instead of clip size, etc..) Having no mechanism though is bad design and asking for trouble.
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  17. dopy7dvs

    Just go away. No one wants you back in the game anyway. Tired of your ESF farming. Just leave...FOR GOOD.
  18. Eranorz

    Well hello there Mr. anonymous salty forum alt #125312309582, can you please point out to us where on the dolly the mean ESF touched you? :rolleyes:
  19. DeadlyOmen

    ...you realize that nothing about ASP sets you apart from anyone else, and you think to yourself...when will an ASP program be *special*?