Artemis damage reduced after launch.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by grin, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. grin

    The last incarnation of the Vanu Artemis scout rifle before launch did 7 damage per shot. The current launch incarnation does 5.5 damage per shot. I thought it was a fine weapon before launch but now it is back to the old damage making it an inferior carbine. I'm glad I did a trial run with the weapon to test damage or I would be wasting my time/money.
  2. Blitzkrieg

    That brings it in line with most VS weapons which are doing 5-6 damage per shot.
  3. grin

    The Nyx on the other hand is essentially the VS-39 Spectre but with short range scopes and mods.
  4. grin

    It's just a little dissapointing that it was not just usable but actually quite good. Now it is just usable. It is in line with the other weapons in terms of damage but not in terms of magazine size. Every other weapon that has a reduced magazine has higher damage. It would make sense for it to either have higher damage or a larger magazine.

    The nyx looks like the more useful close/midrange weapon now.
  5. Blitzkrieg

    Nyx is more of a Battle Rifle. The Artemis is more of an SMG.
  6. Incarnadine

    The NC version of the nyx (the semi auto close range) I'm actually finding really dissapointing vanilla.. maybe it just needs a scope but it's just not good. The recoil and cof is too horrid for how slow it is and needing 2-4 shots at slow semi auto rate
  7. grin

    There seem to be "close range" versions of every "sniper rifle" as well as 2 types of "scout rifle". One SMG type and one similar to the semi auto "sniper rifle" but with no aim wobble and less noise.
  8. Rune

    Nyx owns :D so glad they added it.
  9. Helwyr

    Compared to say the Medics AR how does it perform?
  10. Rune

    They are 2 completely different weapons, cant really compare them that easily.
    What i will say tho is that nyx can fit more or less every infiltrator style with just a single gun. Since render distance is kinda low i've stopped the long ranged sniping anyway.
  11. grin

    The performance data I gathered is as follows:

    bs dam 13
    hs dam 26
    dps bd 52
    dps hd 104

    Pulsar VS1:
    bs dam 5.5
    hs dam 11.0
    dps bd 61.05
    dps hd 122.1

    bs dam 5.5
    hs dam 11.0
    dps bd 69.85
    dps hd 139.7

    While the AR does have better ammo capacity and overall DPS. The accuracy and high per shot damage of the Nyx makes it a very handy all range weapon. It should be accurate enough to "shotgun" at extremely close range. With a Reflex it should handle easily enough to kill quickly at shortish-medium ranges. With a good eye alone it should be able to handle medium-long ranges.

    *Note: I do not have recorded recoil/spread picture for the Nyx but it is very similar to the Spectre in terms of how it functions. One big difference is that the Nyx does NOT have the aiming wobble that the spectre does. Thus you do not need to hold SHIFT to steady the scope. THis makes it far more precise at any comparable range.

    (Recoil Left, ADS spread, Hipfire Spread, hipfire reticule size)
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  12. Gray Olson

    ^ nice post, thanks!

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