Are AA Max all identical between factions?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by ciparis, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. ciparis

    I play VS, and I usually don't bother with the AA max because it seemed to have absurdly low damage and range. Recently, though, I saw a post praising the AA max's sky-clearing abilities, from a TR player.

    Do the NC, VS, and TR Max units all have the same AA weapon?
  2. JackOfClubs

  3. Kiddneey

  4. Krrr8or

    Yes but NC is better cause we are BAWWWWSS. :cool:
  5. Melista

    If you're the kind of person that worries about the K/D stat, then AA MAX isn't something you're going to want to spend a lot of time at. However, if it's experience points you're after, the AA MAX is just fine. You can put enough damage onto an enemy aircraft that even if you don't kill it, someone else will, and you'll get points for that. Those points can add up quickly, especially in a large battle. And your squad buddies playing as engineers? They'll be getting a lot of experience as well just for repairing you and feeding you ammo.

    As I said though, if the K/D stat is something you obsess over, don't play AA MAX for any of the factions.
  6. Toshogu

    Yes, and AA Max weapons need a nerf. Same power yes, but the rate of fire needs to be toned down, and/or the projectile velocity needs to be reduced.
  7. Zephirenth

    Bursters most definitely do not need a nerf. If you're using the one you start out with, it's about as useful as firing at an ESF with another class's default rifle to scare them off. If you bought the second burster, you might kill a careless ESF pilot. Most of the time, though, they're going to get away behind a cliff or some kind of barrier before you can kill them.
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  8. Tuqui-tuqui

    As a dual AA MAX it is difficult to kill pilots unless they do something as stupid as hover or they attempt to attack me head on. I really do not see the dual AA MAX as a jet killer, but more of a scare tactic to pilots who think that because they are high in the air they think themselves untouchable. It's a good balance and hopefully SOE sees it as well.
  9. Braken

    Sigh... some pilots want nothing to even be a threat to them...

    You WILL loose your easy mode soon enough, though. And I'll be laughing at your expense, :p
  10. snu


    NC has a nerfed version of extended mag for air burster.

    it reads "Doubles amount of ammo in each magazine"

    But it only gives +5...
    This is true with VS too.

    no cert refunds either for completely misleading tooltip.

    Currently TR has the best AA, since theirs gives +14 rounds to the burster.
  11. Zephirenth

    This seems less like a misleading tooltip and more like a bug that needs to be reported so they can fix it. However, it sort of makes sense for TR to have bursters with larger clips, since their theme is higher fire rate and bigger clips. In that same vein, VS's bursters should have no bullet drop and faster reload, and NC bursters should fire not as fast, but do a good deal more damage per shot. Honestly, I think they need to work on bursters more, even if just aesthetically so that they have versions that fit each empire.
  12. Hordak

    Yes, to the OP question. I think its a shame that they took away from NC and VS versions from those suits and stuck them with the TR type. Feels like a short cut I can kinda see why they did it but using AA as a NC with bursters feels wrong.
  13. FlR3

    Did you play Global Agenda?
  14. JackOfClubs

    That would be a no. If you had met me before, there would be a 96% chance it would've been under a different name.
  15. snu

  16. Riftmaster

    For some reason the precise "96%" has made me curious...:D
  17. Vonluckner

    Just would like to point out that right now xp grinding massively favors slaying the **** out of infantry. One ESF kill is only worth approximately 2 infantry kills.

    It's extremely selfish, but if you really want xp or kills you will avoid AA altogether.
  18. Mocam

    Unless you're being butchered by air and can't seem to stop it.

    That was the only reason I climbed in a MAX for the first time -- flat out ticked off about our inability to shut down their air. 1 Engineer backing me and we did a nice job clearing the skies up, allowing our team to function.

    Outside of that, you're right.

    It's better to go with Anti-Vehicle (AV) or stick with going after infantry. AA -- too many get away too easily compared to the others and you get nothing from driving them off vs killing them, which seems to happen a lot more often than a plane dropping from the sky.
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  19. JackOfClubs

    That's easy. Of all the games I've played online (assuming every title under a blanket alias, like games using my Steam name, count as individual games) I've only used this name for four(ish) percent of all games (this, a Ghost Recon title, and one other game I can't seem to remember right now).

    And no, I don't know every game off the top of my head, I was bored so I tried to list them all. I probably missed a few so that percentage is likely inaccurate.
  20. Riftmaster

    Had a fun time last night - another player and myself took burster maxes, a couple engineers for support, hopped in a sunderer, and visited a nice grassy plateau and proceeded to camp it for various aircraft flying past. Must have killed like 20+.

    Later that night I got 3 mosquito kills with the main gun of my vanguard. Tip to mosquito pilots – don’t hover while you aim your rocket pods at my friends… :D

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