[Suggestion] Archer is good versus MAX units but...

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Ximaster, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Icehole1999

    I’m loving the Archer. I don’t get many infantry kills but a bunch of vehicle kills. The boy and I got shot down by a Reaver, bailed out, and shot down the Reaver with our Archers. Magriders are easy to deal with when you’ve got an Archer. They can’t strafe to avoid your shots like they can against a RL. I have to admit infantry kills are hard, but theArcher isn’t really meant for that.
  2. Sir Sovereign

    I don't really understand the balancing issues with giving the engineer the rocklet rifle or a better weapon that's useful long range or against armor since every class can use the implant that restores ammo now.. seems kinda meh that we get the archer and that's our only way to fight enemy armor or vehicles at a medium distance... c4 is very risky for someone without jumppacks and the anti-armor turret is only useful when there is a LOT of distance
  3. Xebov

    It would be nice if the Archer could get 1x-3.4x scopes as well, i find it impossible to sue against maxes in baes with just big scopes available.

    The Rocket Rifle and all Launchers are Tools, so you cant simply get them because they are not weapons for a weaponslot.
  4. Sir Sovereign

    I agree on the open sights.. and wish Archer came with 3 ammo types to make it either good for Anti-personnel, anti-armor, or anti-air instead of it just being an annoyance to all 3 at one time.

    And true on the tool. I guess I just want something else to play with as engi lol

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