[Suggestion] Archer is good versus MAX units but...

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Ximaster, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Icehole1999

    I’m loving the Archer. I don’t get many infantry kills but a bunch of vehicle kills. The boy and I got shot down by a Reaver, bailed out, and shot down the Reaver with our Archers. Magriders are easy to deal with when you’ve got an Archer. They can’t strafe to avoid your shots like they can against a RL. I have to admit infantry kills are hard, but theArcher isn’t really meant for that.
  2. Sir Sovereign

    I don't really understand the balancing issues with giving the engineer the rocklet rifle or a better weapon that's useful long range or against armor since every class can use the implant that restores ammo now.. seems kinda meh that we get the archer and that's our only way to fight enemy armor or vehicles at a medium distance... c4 is very risky for someone without jumppacks and the anti-armor turret is only useful when there is a LOT of distance
  3. Xebov

    It would be nice if the Archer could get 1x-3.4x scopes as well, i find it impossible to sue against maxes in baes with just big scopes available.

    The Rocket Rifle and all Launchers are Tools, so you cant simply get them because they are not weapons for a weaponslot.
  4. Sir Sovereign

    I agree on the open sights.. and wish Archer came with 3 ammo types to make it either good for Anti-personnel, anti-armor, or anti-air instead of it just being an annoyance to all 3 at one time.

    And true on the tool. I guess I just want something else to play with as engi lol
  5. Axe_Forge

    Seeing how it is a anti material rifle You should be able to do more damage to Player made Structures like Repair & Shield Modules

  7. Scrundle

    Archer, Laser Sight, Critical Chain. You'll never look at a MAX as anything other than a bonus cheque ever again.

    For more rage-tells from confused MAX mains, swap the archer for the shortbow.
    Shh, don't let the Devs know that the well known bug which has been in the game since Critical Chain was implemented still isn't fixed!

    Please, i am begging you, tell me how to get shortbow. I can create character on your server and be online all day if needed. Or you mean bug with implant and there is no way to avoid stupid RNG model of ingame progression?
  9. Badman76

    You get the shortbow as a random reward from winning an alert.
  10. YellowJacketXV

    Honestly, the weapon needs ammo types. Preferably one that reduces splash explosive damage in favor of heavier direct hits.

    I also feel this weapon should be semi auto with a slow firerate and larger base magazine. The 1.5 sec rechamber time is totally unnecessary if it can't just instagib infantry.

    Honestly though, it bothers me that people think CQC sniping is okay, pump-action one-shots are okay, HA missile launchers popping infantry in a split second are okay, and LA C4 fairies are perfectly fine laying waste to entire squads. Yet the moment you try to recommend a close range "Archer instant kill" mechanic everyone loses their minds.
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  11. Blam320

    It's a super rare drop, though.

    Ditto. And I say this as a Heavy main: the Decimator should not be able to one-shot infantry when no other rocket launcher in the game can.
  12. YellowJacketXV

    I also think that its really funny that a rocket launcher gets to have the excuse of "but it has a slow reload!" while other potential changes for the Archer were argued on a similar premise.

    Yet the engineer is somehow overpowered in this regard because you get infinite ammo as part of a class feature. Because we all know how difficult it is to find an ammo crate.
  13. SarahM

    I often find the small magazine size of the archer to be problematic - would be nice if it was increased e.g. to 10.

    Better rechamber time would be nice too - then damage could stay the same.
  14. Novidian

    What if it had a more support like role vs infantry?

    Like getting hit with it would give an effect like a concussion grenade/deplete ability bars.
    Or overload ammo that could temporarily disable a tanks ability to move/slow turret speed.

    Extra damage would be nice, but given it's niche nature, I think utility would be more interesting.
  15. Scrundle

    Since this is a thread about the Archer it seemed like an appropriate place to ask this;

    Is it just me or has the Archer lost its splash damage component? I've been testing both the default Archer, its variants and the Shortbow and none of them seem to have any splash damage anymore. Am I losing my mind?
  16. badname123

    What? its indirect 100 dmg at 0.5 meter i think.

    10 archers in a tree could instagib planetmans if they shot at the feetz
  17. Nehlis

    Archer isn't a kill focused weapon. By using you are choosing to sacrifice a significant amount of infantry fighting potential in order to become significantly deadlier to maxes and a little more dangerous to enemy vehicles from further away. I would suggest only switching over to it if you are being a dedicated vehicle pilot or are expecting lots of enemy MAXes. If you do use it you;ll need to rely on your pistol and turret for infantry.