[AoTR] - Army of the Terran Republic

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    March 1st arrives, you have a new choice when it comes to where you serve the Empire

    We are THE premier Player Community for all Terran Republic players from SOE's Planetside2. TR players from all servers are welcome! If you want in on fighting the good fight for crushing the Vanu Sovereignty cultists and New Conglomerate corporate-rebels, settle on in. Check out our community forums and main page for events, tech-talk, strategies, and more!

    It takes a well honed Army to represent the BEST Terran Republic community site on the Internet. That is where you come in. The Terran-Republic.com "Army of the Republic" is set to steam roll the enemies of The Republic. We need brave soldiers like you to fight the good fight. If you are a true Terran warrior on Lithcorp EU server, sign up now. All age 18+ are welcome, any applicants below this threshold will be trialed in our public squads first. Teamwork is essential.

    Find us at:
    Don't just fight, Make a difference