Anyone with smoke grenade and/or underbarrel smoke can you post a screenshot of cloud

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Village, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Village

    As per the title, can anyone comment on the difference in size between the smoke clouds and could you post a screenshot of the smoke clouds themselves with something for size reference.
  2. Fenrys

    It depends on where the projectile hits.

    Sometimes the cloud is big enough to hide a galaxy, but sometimes it's not thick enough to hide an infantry.

    Large open areas produce large volumes of smoke. Open floors with no walls or boxes nearby work well, and so do the railings on stairs and balconies.

    Confined spaces such as doorways or anywhere crowded by players will turn your smoke grenades into duds. Drop smoke in the room, or outside the door, but not in the door's frame.
  3. Vargs

  4. Azerin

    lol... That's bull, especially since I play on low. Is it still like that?
  5. Village

    The major disadvantage to playing on low is that it makes cloaked infiltrators near impossible to see.
  6. Azerin

    Funny since I've had little trouble spotting cloaked infiltrators. I think I pissed a few of them off as well :D So lemme get this straight... Because my computer sucks, smoke has absolutely no effect on me, and I don't suffer any penalties for this.
    Yeah, that's not unbalanced at all.
  7. Achmed20

    not no effect. you cant be spotted in smoke (unless spotting is still active on you). no matter if its visible or not.
    but ... thats a rather worthless feature without smoke.
  8. Azerin

    Alright, so let me reconfirm this... I can walk into smoke and be both unmarkable and hidden to anyone without either low graphics or an IRNV scope, while at the same time seeing them perfectly. The only effect remaining being that I can't mark them either, even though I can see them perfectly and shoot them in the face.

    Now it sounds even more unbalanced :D
  9. Fenrys

    You can get both of those styles of smoke cloud on low or medium effects settings. It has to do with where the projectile lands, not your graphics settings.
  10. okuRaku

    I'm pretty sure (based on youtube searching) that the thrown smoke grenade's cloud looks different from the underslung. With the double exp, I should have enough to get it this weekend so I'll try and post a low/high comparison for it if it's different.
  11. Vargs

    This is incorrect. I have specifically tested it dozens of times, while also using smoke grenades on high settings daily. Smoke is always far, far less dense on low under all circumstances, and a high setting smoke cloud never, ever look like those shown on low settings in the video. Smoke density can vary but nowhere near to that extent.
  12. strateUPjanky

    did u restart the client bc i couldnt tell. if u dont restart the client most of the effects wont change properly
  13. Vargs

    I didn't bother restarting while recording that video because I've done that during tests plenty of times before. It changes absolutely nothing whatsoever.

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