Any other gun to use while strafing other than GD-7F?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Tiedemann, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Tiedemann

    After 200h with engi and over 50% of my kills with the GD-F7 I want to know what you guys use as I kinda want to change but my play style might not allow it :p
    Love the GD-7F but it's not very good at range so I wanted to see if anything else would be usable.

    I've bought the Gauss and a couple of other guns but I have big problems using them on the move and while strafing. I don't know if that's me doing it wrong or if the other guns aren't meant to be used this way. Maybe I just need more time with them.

    I tend to rush a lot, usually on the front lines killing and ninja-repairing like and idiot and I'm not careful when out in the open (I engage no matter what). Using another class actually meant for what I'm doing most of the time (killing that is) is not an option.

    Any suggestions?
  2. DuckSauce

    Not sure exactly what you're asking. The Mercenary, Razor and SMGs are all slightly more accurate than the GD-7F while strafing. The SMGs also allow you to strafe more quickly (75% movespeed vs 50%) but have range-limiting horizontal recoil, whereas the Mercenary and Razor are going to let you hit at range while strafing more easily.
  3. Tiedemann

    I got the Razor and used it earlier before I got the GD, maybe I should use that for a few more hours and see how it works out.

    I'm asking since I tend to be a bit more offensive than most engineers I'm around and also because I have a bad habit of getting stuck on a loadout "forever".
  4. Phaselancer

    For range just put it in single action mode and take pot shots. It's no battle rifle but you can sometimes get lucky and find a head shot.

    As for another weapon, I picked up the GD-7F and never went back. It is by far one of the best guns in the NC arsenal. In fact it's the only NC gun I actually enjoy playing with. Throw and advanced laser sight on one and you almost have a Trac 5 with high recoil and a bad cone of fire.