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  1. RageMasterUK

    The Zerg are mindless and stupid.
    Whatever strength they have in numbers, they lack in intelligence and mobility.

    Last night VS had the entire western flank zerged over on Amerish, and eventually got hung up on the southwestern tech plant. Meanwhile me and my squad of 8 guys circled round the back and managed to put the choke on the VS warp gate. It took them 20 minutes to realise they weren't earning resources, and although part of their Zerg managed to break the choke temporarily, they did not clear the base of our forces, 2 minutes after30+ troops and tanks left the bas, me and one other player came from the bushes where we were hiding, and recapped the base immediately. Stupid Zerg.

    2 guys completely **** on the efforts of 30 players. We also had a very well placed spawn beacon in the mountains, the rest of our small squad dropped in to reinforce the choke. The VS Zerg then spent a further 20 minutes attacking n amp station they had no link to. I would have loved to see their faces when they eventually got to the capture point em masse only to realise that they couldn't flip it.

    Predictably the Zerg wanted to stay at the amp station for the cap, so they sent a very small force to break the choke. They failed massively. Eventually they ran out of resources as we camped the trickle flow of forces outside their WG, and their pop fell all the way down to -10%.

    TR Amerish win... :)
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  2. Sghignifiss

    That's interesting, I think I'll try it with some friends ;)
  3. Neelkanth

    Game's fault. It shouldn't encourage everyone to stay at a base right to the end of a painfully long capture process to get their capture XP despite the battle being won long ago.
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  4. UrMom306

    I agree, once the zerg moves on your all alone and have no backup. You can actually get more xp from defending, attacking gives you a big xp chunk but defending is like a giant xp farm
  5. Mibeshu

    It seems so obvious but I never really considered this before. When fighting the zerg I tend to go off sidewards but never considered cutting them off from their base. The lack of resources, inability to cap and having to break up the zerg to take back what they lost would stop it in its tracks. It would need three good squad to take and defend the choke though since you'll get tanks rolling in so close to their WG.