[Suggestion] Amp Station Repurposed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Xandus, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Xandus

    Amp stations should have a greater purpose than 'turret' overheat. Tech plants are pivotal in continental domination, especially on Esamir. Otherwise, the heavier tanks, MBTs have to be pulled from the warpgate. I think the Amp station should have an important, albeit lesser role in providing a meaningful bonus to those that take them.

    Turrets are highly situational whereas health regeneration is a tad more desirable (although I don't notice the effects with the Bio Lab at this point in time).

    One possibility I was thinking was a 5-10% increase to nanite generation rates, but this wouldn't stack with the amount of amp stations held on a continent.

    Another possibility is shield regeneration rates, bolstering the survivability of infantry slightly. Perhaps a 15% increase to regeneration speed. (once again, does not stack).
  2. Pikachu

    Always this boring no stacking in games. -.- Let it stack asymptotically.
  3. Cest7

    Make it a giant motion spotter.
  4. Pouk3D

    Well since it's an Amp station, it should amplify something.
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  5. NoWuffo

    Why not have the Amp Stations charge (or amplify!) your shields? Biolabs allow for healing over time, why not let the Amp Stations reduce the time on your shield recharge by a certain *small* percentage? That's something that will be noticable in any given fight, and make outfits/players REALLY want to go after Amp Stations, as it'll have an impact on a lot of other fights! What do y'all think?
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  6. FateJH

    Since the next phases of the Resource Revamp is going to involve Power to bases, let's try and consider how that works in regards to Amp Stations.
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  7. Xervous

    SOE hire this brilliant individual.

    I can see amp stations affecting the "buying" power of nanites held at a base. More amp stations connected along lattice = more efficient purchases.
  8. UberBonisseur

    Doesn't matter guys.

    Base benefits are broken for the exact same reason they removed the old resource system:
    It snowballs for whoever dominates first. And facilities aren't easy to flip back either, so you're stuck in a downward spiral of trying to beat a stronger enemy in their own turf.

    The only reason you don't notice it is that the base benefits are as good as nonexistant.

    But that's not all, if base benefits were actually good, what would you do ?

    Would you deliberately chose to attack a facility ? Maybe, but then again, do you have the choice ? Do you have any option to actually go around those facilities ? No, because all the links will FORCE you to attack this facility anyway. So it's just a matter to "pick your benefit" ?

    And why do you want the base benefit in the first place ? Because you need a little edge. Your frontline is stuck, and you're looking for extra power to capture that big facility... Oh wait.

    Basically, if facilities are the biggest fights in the game, you'd want the smaller fights to impact the bigger fight on a local scale, not the bigger fight impact the smaller fights on a global scale.

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