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    Hello Planetsiders.

    World of Amnesia is a International gaming community that consists of people who have an interest in gaming, with friends. We are a very friendly and open outfit, we like to play with our members, aswell with the people we meet ingame or anywhere else.

    The requirements to join our International PS2 Outfit:
    - Be battlerank 25+
    - Be 18+ years old
    - Have Discord installed with working mic
    - Pm me ingame (DutchDuckyyz) or go to:

    What can we provide.
    - Squadleader and Platoon leader trainings
    - Variable Vehicle training
    - Tactical map training

    some additional information about the outfit:
    • What's your background?
    After playing for 4 years in total (1 year Miller, 3 years of Cobalt) i decided to start my own outfit. In my 3 years of playing as a NC player i was one of the Platoon leader and Serversmash Coördinator inside of the outfit of The Re4pers. In that time i learned allot about the tactical aspect of the game and will use that knowledge inside of my outfit.

    Outside of Planetside 2 i am running a Dutch gaming community that play's random competitive games and joining community lan's throughout The Netherlands. This community already exist for 6 years and still run like the old day's.

    • Why are you starting a new outfit?
    I am starting a new outfit because the people that look for good team play action are always left out by Hardcore outfit's that are only playing in closed squads and looking for killing machines. I want to give the people the chance of getting to know the game like i did and help them out were ever i can. You need to learn the game to get better at it.

    • What kind of outfit do you want to be?
    This outfit will have the focus on team play. So that means play together, have fun together & help each other to get better with the game and all the aspects of the game
    The goal i have in mind is how your team stands together in fights that needs to be saved in the heat of the moment

    • Do you run any ops events and when?
    For now we are starting up and haven't setting up ops. So if people wanna play with us, they can PM me here or ingame.
    • Background of the Leader
    Because of the low level of this ingame account, here are my other accounts that i played in that 4 years of planetside 2


    Dutch Duckyyz
  2. Duckyyz

    Some raw footage from ingame action (solo)

  3. Duckyyz

    Outfit is going to form bit by bit and also getting bases on 50/50 fight with 5 people (24-48 population)