Ammo Box Resupplies (Sometimes?)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Dusterne, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Dusterne

    I have experienced a weird situation in which the ammo box doesn't always resupply properly. It's a very specific and minor instance, but can seriously alter my game play style.

    I haven't figured out exactly what causes it to happen, but occasionally my supply boxes will give me more grenades for my under barrel launcher, and sometimes it won't. I've tried several combinations of actions including pre-placing the box, placing the box after firing only 1 round, selecting another weapon before dropping the box... etc.

    For clarification this is with the standard ammo box, not the turret ammo box.

    The only thing I can guess is that it has to do with lag, or if I'm re-supplying too many other people at the same time(?) This is also speculation, but I'm guessing it might have similar issues with other under barrel attachments like the shotgun, because once I'm experiencing this glitch my weapon selection via mouse scroll also starts acting wonky.

    Has anyone else experienced this "bug" or have any advice as to what might be going wrong?
  2. Binkus

    I get this alot

    usually when someone screaming for ammo runs upto to you as you are placing it and ruins the put down because he walked in as you put it down

    generally when i thought i just put it down nothing happens is because people are too close

    bugs me too not a game changer but it is annoying
  3. Phaeleh

    I'm having the same problem! it's annoying me so much :( My ammo box never re supply's my underslung grenade launcher ammo, but it did do earlier today! FIX PLEASE!
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  4. DJSEAN00

    Same problem here!
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