Am i the only one who thinks DX11 is good?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Villanuk

    yes, take a side the bugs, they are there, they happen with updates and to be fair to the Devs, they have actually started to work on them.

    But overall, the game runs so much better than before for myself. Ive actually enjoyed playing the game now, something i have not for a long time, due to lag and terrible FPS. The game seems smoother, the hit markers seems more realistic, so is it just me? ( PS, my graphics card is poor, so maybe that's why i get the benefit? )
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  2. Skraggz

    Not by any means, there are issues with the patch that need to be resolved. I gained a few frames but only a handful I'm still in the 80ish area on a 144hz monitor, but I play at 2k. The game feels smoother yes. But it is typically the nature of the beast for the bad to outshine the good. Is it right? Nope. As long as feedback is constructive it can be negative, try not to take the forums seriously.... the dev's don't.
  3. icufos

    It's fantastic. Much better than I'd imagined.
    Really well pleased.
    I'm going to do a comparison on my gaming clansite when time permits between old and new PS2 DX11 with 'fps' rates/graphics/specs/whatever etc.

    I'm running a i5 4670K 3.4GHZ/RX 580 8GB/16GB RAM/W7 SP1/27 inch monitor machine.
    I run in 1600/900 windowered at ultra on one setting and all the others high. I have most other stuff off because and can cause probs sometimes with the AMD drivers. Not just this game but others too.
    I can run this at 1920x1080 but I pefer to keep the desktop in site. Not tested framerates yet but will do so on both res when I do the post on clansite.
    I have no complaints about about framerates at present.

    I do have a 350mb connect but my modem is not good.
    Being a Virgin HUB 3 which has well known problems with fast games.
    However oddly PS2 is one that runs ok on it. The game runs very well indeed.
    Much better than COD! Which is amazing considering the numbers of live players and huge maps.

    I don't understand the negativity sometimes....but then again you need a machine to run.
    If your trying to run this on a machine not up to it there will be probs. Think my pc is pretty standard today.

    All in all think PS2 is amazing. A unique game, simple as that and made a whole heap better with DX11.
    I've been gaming since time began. Had a ZX81. That says it all really. I've played every 'fps' ever.
    PS2 is my game absolutely.

    The support for this game is also very good I might add. They also take a whole load of **** sometimes in very good spirit and just 'Carry on rRegardless'. Commendable.

    Will they get a Christmas card from me when it's, erm, Christmas. Why yes, I think they will.:D
  4. Towie

    I also think it's great (better to look at, overall more 'realistic' feel - modern effects) and haven't had any performance issues. In fact it feels a fair bit faster than before. Also a fair few bugs but inevitable considering the scale of the update.

    i5 2500k @ 4.3+, 8GB, RTX 2060.

    I worked in software support for a large computer manufacturer for many years - so maybe i'm a little more forgiving when it comes to such an update.
  5. Pikachu

    I get much better performance now.
  6. Scrundle

    Playing the game on a GT 710 my framerate has improved slightly from this update which is incredible considering that the graphics, especially lighting related, have had quite a boost.
    However, since this update all resolutions are now being stretched to fit the screen, so as I usually play at 1024x768 (The lowest officially supported in-game resolution) everything is now extraordinarily fat because it is being stretched to fit a 16:9 aspect ratio.
    I would of course love to play the game in a native 16:9 aspect ratio resolution but the lowest the game offers is 1600x900 and that is a significant amount more pixels for my little GPU to grind out which dumps FPS to around 30 and I just can't have that.
  7. dokukai

    The majority of people I've spoken to are seeing large improvements with DX11. Unfortunatley, some people assumed this would be a magic bullet that would make the game run well for all machines. If you have an old, low spec machine, DX11 isn't gonna suddenly allow you to play on ultra with high FPS.
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  8. Crayv

    Even with the bugs in mind this patch exceeded my expectations. Normally on the day of a major patch for a game (especially an MMO) the game is completely unplayable and usually a completely buggy mess for the next week or two.

    With this patch I got a noticeable increase in frames with minimal bugs from what is a skeleton crew of a dev team doing a massive overhaul to the games foundation. So with that in mind I think they did a great job.
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  9. pnkdth


    Add to that all the fixes and patchwork done previously and there's bound to be some issues before they're able to sort it out. I imagine many who had fiddled around with their .INI files to make it run better pre-DX11 are going to create some extra weirdness as well since those tweaks might actually negatively affect you now.
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  10. Nixzil

    I think its great. I have a very high end pc and before this update i was forced to run at 1920x1080 resolution with some settings turned off entirely in order to run at a +60 fps. Now i got everything maxed out, running at 60 - 144 fps at my native screen resolution and the game looks awesome! :D

    One issue i have is that - While walking sideways, all weapons equipped seems to vibrate and they become very blurry.

    Also why was the start up server/character selection screen changed? the new one look awful .. :(
  11. The Shady Engineer

    You get a skewed perspective reading the forums.

    The people who don't like the update or are having problems are naturally going to post about it, while the people who are enjoying the update are too busy actually playing the game and having fun.

    I personally like the update. As someone with a top of the line GPU but mid range CPU, DX11 had been a blessing. Being able to play on a mix of high and medium graphics while still pulling 60-100 frames in 96v96 fights is amazing. I also like the spawn changes, they seem to spread the population across the fronts more evenly. Definitely less full blown hellzergs in the past couple days. Also, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but the Spitfire turret buff is insane. Actually makes the engineer a valuable class to have in infantry squad play. Hopefully it's here to stay.

    Yeah there are bugs and frame jumps and the mouse acceleration issue threw me off at first but in general I'd say this update is very positive to the game's health.
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  12. 0fly0

    Love the update honestly, ok it's full of bug, i can't even use my flashlight anymore and when i use my rocket launcher and switch to lmg it reload my gun instead but i don't give a F because i was ready to uninstall this game after the **** show happening on cobalt, last week i barely play 30min a day before log off, pretty much every players just rekt me with full hs it was so frustrating.
    Now i decided to give dx11 a try since people say it will change the game and cheater are not going to be able to use hitbox hack right away...

    Oh the fun i'm having let me tell you, 2 days now and i played this game for hours killing everyone, amazing! i can count the number of time people manage to headshot me or even shot me for some players...
    It's just feel like 2 years ago before players become headshot warrior with 35% acc§
    At first i just felt lucky probably crossing a few new players but after that i start duelling some "godlike players" from cobalt, even those in well know "competitive outfit" and was like :rolleyes: that's all you've got, sure they can shoot for most of them but no more blurry hs magic No No, i was on fire and keep killing them in HA duel, some of them even drop really easily, i don't know maybe i just become that good during the night.

    The game is ****, full of bugs and yet i couldn't be more happy right now because i can once again play without dying to ******** every sec, so i'm just gonna go back and enjoy the time i have left before those mlg players get their skill back.
  13. Villanuk

    Good to hear the positive feedback guys. Im loving the update, the game has transformed... Yes, there are issues with many things but they will get resolved, but when your in, its the game you want to play, so well done the DEvs.
  14. DeadlyOmen

    It is good.

    There are a few bugs- they'llg et fixed.

    The potato squad is upset...they always will be.
  15. OneShadowWarrior

    It runs good but they have a ton of issues to hotfix. Server crashes, latency issues, numerous bugs, graphical glitches, light and shading concerns, animation warping, equipment like flashlights not working properly with it’s lights, hit registration fine tuning, all types of terrain and base twitches from being misaligned or not rendering properly, the bucket list is growing as the more we play we see the flaws in the conversion.

    I know in the long haul it will be better but they got some work to do.
  16. DemonicTreerat

    DX11 is fine. Plenty of other games use it without issue. The issue is that Daybreak has turned PS2s code into a smoking pile of horse **** so full of dead subroutines, contradictory commands, orphan lines, and every other flaw that when they forced the change without any real testing it caused the whole mess to crash through the floor into the living room where everyone can now see where that offensive smell was coming from.
  17. Mechmaniac

    Except bugs, I see server lag like never else... Lag on repairing, lag on destroying things, lag normal gameplay...
    I'm thinking to leave this game until it's all repaired, now I'm having a very bad gameplay experience :(
  18. Ezio91FF

    Is there something i need to do to enable DirectX 11? cause i have no performance gain at all and i see no difference
  19. FunkFest

    You are not alone!
  20. Lord_Mogul

    For me it pretty much runs the same as before. Good performance in small-medium fights and 40 fps in biofarms/zergfests.
    Only issue is, on low settings we got smoke puffs and cloak issues (hope will be resolved) and on medium the game feels sluggish.
    oh and the servers seem to have some issues when throwing a pecon takes 2 ces and eploying your tank takes 6
    But I indeed like the new effects, feels much more dramatic doing stuff now.