Almost got 250 certs to spend on weapon/attachments... what do?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Xien, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Xien

    And yeah. People constantly shoot me around corners even after I've moved well into the building... people seem to shoot me with fully automatic sniper rifles... just overall not a fun gaming experience. I've never given an FPS game as bad a review as a 0, and I've tried most of the ones out there. Adios.
  2. Iridar51

    Good riddance.
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  3. Pie Chasm

    Not all purchased weapons are sidegrades, some are actually downgrades.

    What you purchased is actually a downgrade from your starting carbine.It's an infiltrator weapon primarily, because most classes that can use them usually have something better.
  4. Selrahc4040

    Try turning down Render Distance and Render Quailty to minimum, if you haven't already, and turn shadows off.
  5. Runegrace

    Are all your reviews based on your performance in the game? While lag sometimes happens in all online games, if that's a…constant…issue, your problem might be a bit more personal.
  6. reydelchicken

    The trac-5 can be tricky to aim, as this was the first weapon in a game with recoil for me, it was a bit hard getting used to.

    I recommend that you get the t5-amc, it's a 250 cert weapon, very accurate.

    Then buy this compensator, advanced foward grip, and night vision scope, and high velocity ammo.

    The total cost of the build is 750 certs.

    Alternatively, get a foward grip and NV scope for your trac-5, and this will help with horizontal recoil, meaning you can pull your mouse directly downwards in most cases and get accurate fire.

    I can't suggest anything for the PDW as I have not used it.
  7. Iridar51

    I wonder when people will realize that OP has left.
  8. Akeita

    1 word : SHOTGUN
  9. Chowley

    This sounds like a lag or lag compensation issue. Unfortunately I am plagued by it since the last patch. It seems to be worse after some patches. When you pump a full clip into someone get hit indicators, they turn around and youre dead instantly (shotgun at point blank style) with one or two high pitched clinking sounds. Basically they have turned and are shooting at you while on your screen they still have their back to you. Its incredibly frustrating. Wrel on youtube has a video about it. Its interesting.
    It reminds me of Battlefield 3 at launch, the interpolation/compensation whatever its called was insane in that at launch :p
  10. Pat22

    I bet five units of jet pack fuel we get to page 5
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  11. Tommyp2006

    I disagree with this so much that I almost think you are just being sarcastic.

    Ouch, my cheapo laptop gets better FPS than that. Maybe you should wait for this game to come out for the PS4.
  12. VaIhall

    Why waste certs on a bunch of different small stuff that barely makes any difference? It's better to go all in so you have something good to use for future use.
  13. Tommyp2006

    this is assuming the fallacy that all 1000 cert weapons are direct upgrades, which they are not. I'm just as happy using stock weapons as I am the 1000 cert weapons, the only ones that are arguably direct upgrades are the top tier bolt action rifles, and the ES tank secondaries (except the vulcan), maybe the annihialator or decimator.
  14. Predator01cz

    From what I've read so far I have a feeling that this dude won't be missed.
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  15. lilleAllan

    If you have a hard time, try watching MattiAce's vids about burst firing and recoil. I came off Enemy Territory so the mechanics of this game were completely alien to me at first.

    As for certs, the Trac 5 is very good with a laser or foregrip. Jaguar is 250 certs and is pretty beast as well, but you're going to need something like 200 certs to kit it out in addition to the 250 certs.
  16. Liberty

    This thread was amazing, I'm sad I missed it while it was in its prime. :(
  17. Iridar51

  18. Dead soldier

    Want something new? get in an Aircraft! I was about to quit the game after 4 months but I've eben lvoing this game since I tried flying. Here are some good tips on flying from wycliff:
  19. Corezer

    This game is just as casual as any AAA title...

    All about positioning. Something you can drill into the head of a brain dead monkey with enough youtube...
  20. Posse

    Meanwhile... a large majority of the playerbase doesn't even watch the minimap

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