All EU servers are getting DDOSed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. Ned

    Currently this Derp trolling person and his team are DDOSing all EU servers, as if us EU players didn't have to put up with enough crap already

    This is why you cannot login to EU servers, apparently this group has targeted several games this week, including league of legends.
  2. Tommyp2006

    People need to get a life.
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  3. Hatesphere

    they are going for their 15 minutes of internet fame apparently. They are doing something that in the end isn't even that much of an accomplishment.
  4. RyanGUK

    See, I understand League of Legends and all those really ****** fantasy games... but us Planetsiders, we are a peaceful bunch, we don't do anything to annoy anybody. We just go about our business. :(
  5. NinjaTurtle

    These sort of people offer nothing to the human race and drain society of resources that could be better used elsewhere.

    They need ejecting into space
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  6. HappyT

    I don't get it. Why DDOS a f2p game? On a double exp weekend and when all of the swag is on sale.
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  7. Kitakami

    So these guys just admitted that they spent New Year's Eve and New Year's Day disrupting PlanetSide 2 servers? Geez, and I thought admitting I spent it playing PlanetSide 2 was embarrassing!!

    These guys just touched cloth with a fart and shouted about it. Tragic that there are such morons in the world. I'm guessing their fathers didn't give them much guidance on the subject.
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  8. maxkeiser

    Bury them.
  9. janeTEXAS

    Guild Wars 2 and LoL servers were taken down today by that group too.. what a bunch of *******..
  10. Sörre

  11. nallar

    Although it really isn't off-topic...
  12. Ned

    The thing I don't get is why target a small game like PS2 when they could go after stuff like Scientology or other evil corporations

    Oh thats right, they are 15 year olds who fear going after any big government or corporate power, so they think they are funny getting us instead
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  13. Ned

    Its not off topic and people need to know, I spent about 10 mins trying to login and couldn't figure out why It wasn't working
  14. Klondik3

    They DDoSed the game servers.

    But little do they know about Forumside.
  15. DG-MOD-02

    Thank you for reporting the issues on the EU servers. Thank you for your patience!
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