After 4000 certs, 3 months, now I am onbly allowed to fly my Mossie every 15 mins ?... really?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Tasogie

    na mate, I spent it on 3 NC classes, an 3 TR classes...(I left NC on briggs because of how juvenile that faction is.) They spent more time TKing each other, than fighting enemy.

    it isnt about combined arms though mate. it is about being allowed to play the game your way. otherwise you would expect there to be a notice on the game "You will be redirected to ONLY play a set class of vehicle for Xyz time" per game play session"... see what I mean. This way means we "apparently" are only allowed to play for a short time in our chosen class.

    I love flying, I am not great at it, but its what I enjoy doing. Others enjoy infantry, who said that one side should be given free playtime as mcuh as they want, while other doesn't?.

    Point I am making is nowhere in game does it say "you may only play in a tank/plane for X minutes per session"...
  2. HannaDest

    Mmmmm flyboy tears.......
  3. Meh.

    Must be really hard to play a tank or infantry for 15-1min.
  4. Rahuruk

    Why can't you downvote posts... garbage crying like this would be purged so much more easily...

    HA HA that makes much more sense! I was very puzzled for a moment.
  6. vulkkan

    So therefore your opinion is invalid.
    if you mentioned it was a cert BUG in your OP I would have responded differently. Simple as that.
  7. Tasogie

    oh so I automatically new it was a bug?, lol ok mate, some of us like to be polite to others, an not grandstand.. good luck with that.
  8. Daioh

    just looked, got 9 minute time from a freshly spawned Mossie

    ya'll got a bug there sir.
  9. Kurreah

    Flares wouldn't have helped you. To insta'kill you he must have managed to hit a fast-moving, terrain-following target with an arcing, slow, dumbfire rocket.
    Sounds like it was just luck (good on his part, bad on yours) or skill.
  10. Arkha3

    Talk about major overreaction...

    It's a bug, just spawn a mossburg at the warpgate and the timer works
  11. ent|ty

    I'm beginning to think PS2 is just one big troll of gamers.
  12. Tasogie

    yer I hope so, the week I have had, this si last crap I wanna deal with:)
    Bricked my 2 brand new GTX 680 CU II TOP edition cards other day,(after jsut spending 4000$ ona new PC, because Nvidia tech told me to use "GPU tweak".... it killed cards,(DO NOT!!! EVER USE GPU TWEAK TO FLASH VBIOS) then luckily the techs at shop managed to reflash them (thank christ, as its 1700$), THEN SLI wouldn't work, THEN my bloody Xonar phoebus sound card keeps playing in game sounds over vent while I talk..... list goes on, so you will excuse me if I am a bit short :D

    edit, oh an I got told I have asthma lol
  13. vulkkan

    Sounds like a bug to me. Use the bug report function in-game and move on. Stop cursing like crazy and maybe I'll think you're being polite. Bye!
  14. TheBaronofSD

    wait hold up ... you spent $450 on a game in 3 months time?

  15. Accuser

    I would love to see a 15 minute timer for all vehicles all the time, if vehicles were more durable. Pulling/killing a tank/plane should MEAN something. Right now it just means the guy's going to respawn another one and drive/fly right back.

    But yeah, obviously a bug here.
  16. Daioh

    its okay man, i'm currently preggers and have snapped at people on more than one occasion. i keep the rage off the forums but you should have seen it when everyone was firing blanks. EXTREME RAGE!
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  17. Tasogie

    HAHAHA, ok you made my day, thank you so much LOL all the crap I have had this week an your being pregnant easily equals that :)... I will give you that one

    Congratulations by the way:)
  18. Bowtie

    I'm infantry-centric, and I approve this bug.

    Air should only be able to combat other air, ground vehicles, installations, and MAXs. Infantry should be immune to aircraft weaponry. By doing so it would remove the aircraft ****** like the OP from farming infantry with aircraft. That is the primary reason he invested so much into aircraft; he wanted easy kills.

    Well **** you, Tasogie.
  19. Erik

    15 min is not very much game time at all. You can't blame everything on COD lol. Every post of yours is you ******** and moaning about something and how the COD generation ruined it lol.

    Not sure if you ever played PS1, but everything had fairly decent timers on it. I would think the "COD generation" would want no timers on their vehicles. The timers are there for multiple reasons. One to keep vehicles from being spammed non stop. Two, more importantly, so there is actually benefits/punishment to destroying/loosing vehicles. Your really going to get all pissy over a 15 min timer (or 12 as some one stated?).

    From the way you constantly *****, moan, and stereotype people I would say that you fit the bill for this "COD generation" you like to bring up so much.
  20. Daioh

    got to fit as much gaming in before this little bugger fracks up my gaming schedule :), hope your bug gets resolved soon.
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