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  1. PanzerShrimp

    Hey, Just looking for advice on the best programs out there I can use to monitor performance load etc so I can tweak or upgrade whatever is slowing me down.

    My rig is pretty decent but I would still like to push it further
    win7 pro
    Intel i7-3820 3.6ghz
    8 GB ram
    Asus ATI HD7970 DirectCU II TOP, 3GB
    SSD HD

    Also have a secondary monitor which I never use I can set up to monitor loads.

    So what's the best programs or advise I can use in relation to my GPU, CPU etc?
  2. HannibalBarca

    I don't know how technical you are, so I am going to suggest a very simple option. I'm sure others can suggest more comprehensive solutions and I am myself interested to hear them.

    Resource Monitor is built in to Win7. You can get to it by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del, then clicking the "Start Task Manager", then clicking the "Resource Monitor" button. This give you tabs where you can see core usage, RAM usage etc.
  3. PanzerShrimp

    Was looking for possibly a better option/program.
    Also that doesn't display GPU load/performance
  4. starlinvf

    MSI Afterburner for GPU monitoring. I think it can also monitor CPU stats as well..... But I would strongly advise against adding a second monitor, as a lot GPUs take a significant performance hit from the 2nd work load.

    But monitoring your hardware in of itself won't tell you where the bottle neck is. If you haven't delved into useroptions.ini and understand what each setting is for, and how they correlate to load.

    For general tweaks, I would right off the bat recommend disabling Windows Aero Desktop, or switching to a non-aero theme. Even when games are in full screen, aero seems to load down the system doing who knows what. For PS2 specific tweaks, there are several threads explain what each setting does and the overall impact on performance..... however, the 2 most notable settings are Flora and Shadows. Turn both of those down or off and FPS stability increases substantially.
  5. IamDH

    Use the force Luke
  6. PanzerShrimp

    Yes I heard MSI afterburner was good, but my Vid card is a ASUS, ATI.

    Would you still recommend MSI afterburner for the monitoring and the Overclocking?
    The ATI catalyst App seems to do a good job with overclocking as it is, why take afterburner over that?