Advice of dealling with cheater

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  1. Sunnyboy

    Dear Daybreak team, thank you for your contribution to the game, which makes us have the honor to experience such a great game. However, cheat users have made our experience worse. Last time Wrel mentioned that we will strengthen anti-cheat measures in the game in the future. I feel very happy after hearing this information. At the same time, I also analyze it objectively. It is impossible to eradicate the cheat, because as the game is updated, the organizer of the cheat will also update their cheat to make it work normally. The DB working group spends a lot of time and energy to compete with hackers on the attack and defense technology of the cheat. , I think the gains outweigh the losses, it is better to find another way to deal with it. For cheating, we generally follow three steps: discovery, feedback, and handling. Currently, on-duty online administrators are assigned to deal with cheating feedback during hot hours on the European and American servers. I think it is very good. However, the Asian server does not currently have an online administrator, and this vacant stage is a loophole. I thought of taking this opportunity, how about DB try to add AI script to automatically analyze and process/report the data of players below one rank in the Asian server (reports of players above one rank will be manually analyzed and processed), collect the number of times players are reported, and automatically analyze their KD , regional kill leaderboard, and whether to use one-time large-scale attack weapons such as rail guns and flails, and then automatically force the reported players to go offline. It can be 1 hour for the first time, 1 day for the second time, and 1 day for the third time times 7 days and so on. It also provides an appeal portal to reset the mandatory offline time. The above is an AI automatic kick offline script that I conceived. I think it is not difficult for DB engineers to make this automatic script. Maybe the recognition conditions I mentioned above are not perfect enough, so I hope players will give more opinions, and the DB working group will improve and test. All players will support the implementation of DB work with tolerance and patience. If this AI script is successfully implemented in the Asian server and achieves remarkable results, it can be extended to other servers. This can also reduce the workload of online administrators, and can also create a relatively good game experience for online players in a timely manner. Then players are more willing to buy goods in the DB mall, which is a good virtuous circle. As for the issue of mis-blocking and unblocking, it needs to be improved in the future. I hope that the DB working group can read this article and give feedback. Thank you very much!