Adrenaline Pumps

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by HeadshotVictim, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. HeadshotVictim

    Hi there,
    I know there are a lot of threads how to buff the Light Assault, but... (I know everyone says this, but please read to the end anyway) I think there is something considerable to do with the "Adrenaline Pumps"-Upgrade.

    The thing with the pumps is, that they are kinda nice in my opinion, but they lack a really cool tactical use.
    I bought 2x C4 for 700 Certs but it is nearly impossible to catch a tank off guard to blast it to bits, because they accelerate SO fast.
    Which is completely okay - but frustrating nevertheless.

    My idea was this:
    Adrenaline Pumps I : 30 Certs, increased sprint speed (business as usual)

    Adrenaline Pumps II: 270 Certs, activatable with "F"
    Increases your Movement Speed for 5 seconds to about 40-50 km/h.
    The ability has 6 Bars, each bar fills up after 10 seconds:
    0: all bars empty: you cant sprint at all
    1: one bar full: you can sprint again (without Adrenaline Pump Bonus)
    2: two bars full: you can sprint with Adrenaline Pump Bonus AND can activate dash again for 1 second
    3: three bars full: as 2, but dash lasts now 2 seconds
    4: four bars full: as 2, but dash lasts 3 seconds now
    5: five bars full: as 2, but dash lasts 4 seconds now
    6: all bars full: as 2, dash lasts the "normal" 5 seconds

    The ability can be turned to be safe from the 0 bars case.

    This ability could give any Light Assault willing to spend 300 Certs on this Suit Upgrade to catch Heavy Armored Tanks, Sunderers and perhaps place C4 Charges before they can react.
    Additionally LA can flank a lot easier and kill unsuspecting snipers, and are really hard to hit when sprinting from cover to cover.

    What do you think? Would it be valuable?

    Greetings, your
  2. Achmed20

    cant say i like the idea at all.

    the gamedesigner in me says: that should be part of the JJ's
    the dev inside me says: no! what if JJ's ever goign to get an F abbility too? you cant have two of them.
    the scientist in me says: physicaly impossible
    the whiner in me says: LAs will be totaly OP if they could fly and dodge/run like crazy

    would it be valuable? yes it would :)
    but i rather see thruster jets then abusing AP somehow.
  3. Verenz

    Personally I would love a "hold F to attach self to surface" ability.

    Either for scaling cliffs and letting your fuel recharge, or for attaching to the top of tanks without risk of being "run over" from below / falling off.