[Suggestion] Adding Recoiless Rifle?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Solvayn, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. Solvayn

    So it's come to my realization that we don't have any recoilless rifles in the game with the exception of the Halberd, which is limited to vehicles. I feel like we could make use of Recoilless Rifles with a tripod setup and with something like a 75mm measurement. Perhaps a viable trade off with comparison to the Anti-Vehicle Mana Turret is lower damage and loss of control over the projectile but faster reload and higher muzzle velocity but I think it should still retain the ability to one-shot flashes.

    (Not that cannon size seems to make a difference. Just compare Prowler's 120mm AP of 600 damage per shot to 100mm AP of Lightning of 700 damage per shot).

    So yeah, just a suggestion to help with adding more options for the Engineer class. Thanks for reading.
  2. Demigan

    I think its a good idea. And with a high elevation range could allow use against aircraft as well.

    About the damage, I have the theory that there arent many real explosives in the game. Advanced construction nanites are expensive as they have to produce a working product perfectly and have to keep functioning long after use so they can repair damage when excited by repair guns or nanite auto repair systems, but disassembly nanites would be far far cheaper as all they have to do is rip whatever they come into contact with apart before their energy runs out. While such nanites would effectively be able to disassemble virtually anything, they would be build to disassemble certain materials the best. Thats why anti-tank weapons are relatively low on lethality against infantry: they have trouble disassembling the armor and flesh of the soldiers. The AI weapons basically have slowed the rate of consumption for these nanites so they reach farther before expiring, allowing them to eat flesh and infantry armor at a larger radius. The fire you see is simply because of the speed with which the nanites eat away.

    The NS vehicles simply have a better recipy disassembly nanite than the Prowler has. Not that surprising since the Prowler needs more nanites for both their shells so production rate might be lower, and the NS has more experience in a variety of disassembly nanites.

    This also is an in-game friendly way of explaining why buildings survive concentrated tank fire: the walls are of materials that are tough to disassemble, either because people avoid nanites that can or because the materials are specific enough to resist it. And any damage that is done is quickly repaired by the internal nanite systems of the building itself.
  3. brutes359

    ALL THE YES. Dude that is an awesome idea. I would have so much fun on my TR or NC with a recoiles rifle. the VS already kind of have one in the particle lance but other than that, definitely sounds amazing. My only complaint is that usually such weapons are shoulder mounted. So wouldn't it thus be a heavy assault weapon and because of that should be mentioned in their thread?