add more implant slots devs ples

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by dman66613, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. dman66613

    add a class only slot and 3 or more eney thing slots pless
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  2. Liewec123

    kinda need to agree to this, some implants are absolutely necessary, like safe fall on an LA with ambusher/icarus jets.
    so you only really have one slot left and i ALWAYS want regen, so there is no option to take anything fun.
  3. Coliax

    I really want this too. I always run Regeneration (because i dont trust nc's Medics) and Switch between mine Radar and that anti stun grenades (forgot ther names) but i would really like to have all of them at once
  4. Gushroom

    Would be so sweet, atleast when they are going to release more implants soon.
    Like i want to have deep operative and nigthmare and catlike at the same time...
  5. Gushroom

    Now that they are going to release tons of new fun implants, which i can't wait for.
    I would love to be able to have 3 implants slots.
    And also please make empire specific implants. And why is there no infiltrator implant in the next release of implants???
  6. FateJH

    Why stop at 3? why not 4,5, or 6?
  7. Gushroom

    well i guess balancing 3 implants slots might be hard, so 6 would be insane
  8. raffa2

    No, ABSOLUTELY NO, you have no idea what you're talking about, and what sick combos would happen, it would become unbalanced as ****
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  9. LordKrelas

    I was hoping the other person was basically, implying after 3, why not just keep raising it till every implant effect is used at once, as sarcasm.

    But seriously, 3 would allow whatever implant combo meshes, and add a third to amplify it.
    Removing a grand deal of 'CHOOSE'
    You'd have a "required" set, then an extra, to the point why bother with the slots, as the argument to have 3 infinite energy implants, was the "YOU NEED THESE TWO, SO I'D LOVE A THIRD"
    Then 3, would be the Trifecta of choice, leading to more..
    The Implants were set up for 2.
    With 3, that's 3 entire buffs, extra additions, or similar, of 5 levels..
    Aka Implants that weren't competitive in taking 1\2 slots, but murderous when added as a 3rd.
    Like say you have the best synergy between 2 implants: Now you add a third to amplify this, or close the gap they miss.
    What was the choice? Pick 2 implants - So you add a third.
    Unless you have like 4-8 implants of choice, you likely barely have 3 that are "required" or even "needed"
    So with 3, you basically just stripped all 'choice' or consideration of needing to choose, out of it.
  10. Doc Jim

    This game was perfectly fine without any implants at all. Well OK, the game had issues but those had nothing to do with the absence of implants. Introducing implants didn't really improve the game at all, heck plenty of people continued playing without any implants at all for as long as they ran on batteries.

    The current implant system with 2 slots and no batteries is already a smorgasbord of options. The game already gives players loads of slots to flesh out classes AND 2 implant slots and yet you still want more?
    I say no.

    Reason 1: I like simple loadouts and dislike massively complex character builds.
    Reason 2: the whole point of having various options to make choices.
    Reason 3: additional implant slots will fnck new players over even more by slowing down their development further.
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  11. SixNineFour

    95% of my loadouts use the same 2 implants: ammo printer and catlike.
    With 3 slots I would run ammo printer, catlike and enhanced targeting on 95% of my loadouts.

    With 4 slots maybe I would start actually choosing between implants.

    I find catlike is by far the most useful implant. Add adrenaline pump and engineer turret and you get a ton of flanking options that normally only accessible to LA.
  12. Corezer


    make a second suit slot (or just make nanoweave multipliers default and remove it.)
  13. Ragnarock

    I think 2 is good enough. implants are very strong as they are. stuff like assimilate/battle hardened are total gamechangers.
  14. Gushroom

    yeah a second suit slot where you choose between , nanoveawe, flak, adn shield thing would be great.
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  15. Xebov

    I think slot exclusively for clas implants could be an option.
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  16. ParakeetLord88

    Seems reasonable. /signed

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