[Suggestion] Add a better AI weapon for the Mosquito

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luminiouscow, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. SerasVic

    On constructive note , the gun he linked looks awesome for being Shredder 2.0
  2. Stormsinger

    Personally, I think both the TR AI / AV ES toys should work along the lines of the DillonAero M134


    The Vulcan behaves in an opposite manner to realworld chainguns, which become more accurate at high RPMs, not less.
  3. Flag

    Oh sure, the Banshee isn't as strong as it -could- have been.
    But should? Well... Sure, why not?

    Why don't we give the lancer a laserbeam/hitscan "projectile" that 1-shots ESFs because it slices the fuselage in half?
    Why not? It's the future and all!

    And let's give the NC a railgun that can do the same. That'll be good.
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  4. D.C.V.

    I am Miller NC and i can't count the times i've died to surprise Banshee buttsex in the middle of a huge battle. I don't think it needs a buff. Except maybe for a bigger mag. Definitely not a damage or ROF buff though.
  5. Bindlestiff

    Not even a nice attempt.
  6. FieldMarshall

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  7. patrykK1028

    OK, if you give quad PPA to my Lightning, Magrider, Harasser, Sundy, Scythe and Lib.
  8. Degenatron

    YEA, buff air to ground weapons!

    While you're at it, buff the Skyguard back up to the way it use to be! Actually, it needs to be stronger - it should kill an ESF in 15 hits, kill a Val in 35 hits, kill a Lib in 70 hits, and kill a Gal in 140 hits.
  9. patrykK1028

    OK, if you give quad PPA to my Lightning, Magrider, Harasser, Sundy, Scythe and Lib.
  10. Westy543

    Agreed OP. I can't kill entire hexes yet in one mag.
  11. IamnotAmazing

    soe plz lower the skill floor with all ai weapons
  12. Axehilt

    Weak compared to what it could have been? Sure. It could have fired nuclear warheads at 9999 RPM.

    Weak compared to what it should be? Um, no. The Banshee is the strongest AI nosegun by a good margin:
    • Start Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2014 10:00:00 GMT | End Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 10:00:00 GMT
    • 4906 - M14 Banshee | KPH | Daily Average: 51.90
    • 4305 - Light PPA | KPH | Daily Average: 44.25
    • 4605 - M30 Mustang AH | KPH | Daily Average: 36.82
    AI noseguns are plenty strong currently. Seeing 105 KPH with Banshee personally and it's not even maxed.