AA turrets.

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  1. Stanis

    Tonight I had a beautiful moment that highlights to me the significant AA problem.

    As liberators spawned from the Biolab pad above.
    I was in a hacked anti-air turret below.

    I unloaded an entire heat bar of AA turret flak at point blank range into a single liberator.
    I estimate damage at less than 1/5th of total health.

    That should have shredded it out of the sky.
  2. SharpLight

    Turrets are only good for killing, repairing and hacking XP and the occasional lucky shot:

  3. Draxo

    You're preaching to the choir.

    You can expect some air cav to jump in and tell you everything is fine though.
  4. Goden

    Smed has said that AA is a deterrence, not a lethal weapon - and it will stay that way.

    As much as I agree with you, the AA - vs - Aircraft battle is over. As per Smedley's choice, the aircraft have won.

    I would like to see a vid of that.

    I dont want to call you a liar, but i have unloaded a full heat cycle at range unto a lib and killed more than half health. If anyone can, someone should make a video of it ( i cant, my vid capture gives me a "memory exceeded" message). someone should fly a lib next to a friend on an opposing faction and empty a full cycle into them and see what damage happens.

    Also that person might have had a full upgraded flak armor. thats tons of certs to resist your turret, so that may make sense.

    Also, Libs are designed to resist ground AA. its kind of their thing a know?

    ESF's get DESTROYED by AA so focus them.

    All I know is that everyone keeps talking about how little damage they do against aircraft but NONE of it mirrors ANY of my experiences, either flying the lib, or killing them. Im real big into going the AA role (despite the lack of XP) because i know it benifits the team. i have a certed out AA max and skygaurd as well as full upped eng for repairing AA turrets (amongst other things), and have NEVER had as hard of a time killing aircraft as the forum dwellers claim.
  6. SolidSnake

    This has got to be bugged. I hopped into a Dahaka station AA turret to shoo away a mosquito that was harrassing our tanks, I wasn't expecting to blow him out of the sky but wow, he was hovering in position there unloading one rocket pod after another and his HP was barely moving. He even drifted right on top of the tower I was on, and even at that point blank distance I barely did 1/5th of the HP bar damage. I know AA sucks damage wise but this is ridiculous.