A simple, comprehensive reason why the Flak armor buff should not make it to live.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by UberBonisseur, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. UberBonisseur

    It's not about vehicle balance.
    I'm not going to dwelve in that territory

    Remember when snipers complained that fighting against Nanoweave was like playing roulette ?
    You shoot, but can't tell the outcome ? And then you wish you hadn't shot the nanoweave guy ?

    Now imagine a niche problem applied to all explosives in the game:

    You're going to shoot people, and have a 1/2 chance of killing them. You can't know, you can't "plan" your shots based on the odds. You may or may not require two shots for that infantry. Basically it's like a RNG.

    When I see a blocade sundy, I know it's though. I know it's going to take one or two more hits before it goes down, or that I shouldn't waste my C4 on it.

    When I see infantry ? Can't tell.

    You may or may not kill your target in X number of hits depending on their level of Flak armor and there's no way for you to know
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  2. Prudentia

    i'll wait and see if my Lasher gets f*cked by Flakarmor.
    If it does i'm gonna lash Higby till he cries and buffs it to OHK Everything that is not a Galaxy (2hits on that)
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  3. Aractain

    I suppose if you going to try one-shot explosives you need to be ready to pull out a pistol to finish them off.

    Indicators of what the enemy has equipped is a problem through out the whole game and it would be nice to make it more obvious.
  4. KenDelta

    I can't wait to see my RPGs not OHK'ing people , resist shield+flak5 , if that happens I'm quitting.
  5. MrK

    Goodbye \o
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  6. Trebb

    lol, I never understood why people ***** more about the UBGL than rockets. Rockets have no minimum arming distance, and people always cheese at close range with them.

    As an UBGL (ab)user I welcome the flak change :p
  7. KenDelta

    I understand it's made to counter UBGL and I welcome it , getting 200 kills in 30mins in a bio-fight was fun at some point ,but hitting a bloody rocket into someone's face is a no no , heck I can imagine the phoenix's projectiles dealing 500dmg to infantry now.
  8. Liquid23

    it's also unfair that the enemy doesn't fax me a copy of their battle plan ahead of time so I know what counter units to pull
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  9. MrK

    It's an AV weapon, you get caught pants down with the wrong weapon in hands, and still expect to get away with a OHK? People can't deal with the consequences of their actions, apparently....
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  10. faykid

    given how most people will get flac armor on day one, i'd say it is 1/1 chance or close to it
    really, there will be no incentive to wear anything else. immunity to grenades, tank shells, rockets, underbarrel grenades? yes, please, i'll take two!
  11. faykid

    i wonder what is the purpose of the vehicles will be? it used to be to exterminate the enemy troops and protect your own

    now vehicle will fight vechiles for the most part, so it will be like two different battles going on at the same time - infantry killing each other easier (no nanoveawe), and tanks running around chasing each other (and avoiding infantry at all cost)

    also, i'd like a refund on all my non-AP tank upgrades and weapons. since HEAT and HE are going to be useless now
  12. KenDelta

    I don't remember rocket launchers being "AV" weapons , since the description on almost all of them states that they're an effective weapon against infantry and vehicles , and yes I do expect people to die when I shoot them with a bloody bazooka to the face that is.
  13. Zhoutai

    Resist Shield now only works on small arms fire, so won't effect RPG's damage
  14. KenDelta

    so my maths of 36% flak+45% resist shield is all bull ? and my lovely rocketlaunchers can still OHK ?
  15. Vandali

    If the changes bring about less explosive spam, then this will be fantastic.
  16. Simferion

    1) Resist shield affects only damage < 400 (for single shot/pellet)
    2) Resist shield does NOT stack with flak armor.

    So yeah, it's a false problem.
    The problem will be with Nanomesh/Adrenaline shield which do stack with Flak Armor.
  17. Liquid23

    nah we will just spam more of it to compensate for you being able to survive a little better ;)
  18. Torok

    Ahh I've been waiting for this Flak Armor Buff ever since I first upgraded Flak armor to 5 on my engineer like 10 months ago, to think that we're almost there makes me shed a tear of joy.

    Tank shells will stil one hit you no matter your flak armor level, the only thing I didn't try was an HE prowler shell on a Flak armor 5 Nanite mesh shield Heavy assault, but that's because I don't know it's value,
    Still you should die against any vehicle cannon.
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  19. vsae

    Do we kill them with 4 dumbfire rockets now or shall we redeploy on sight?
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  20. Vandali

    That is the TR motto, it's what you guys live on! :p

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