[Suggestion] A player's roadmap

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  1. Bullborn

    Just a list of what my roadmap/priority list would have looked like. Feel free to add your own. Im sure I forgot some stuff.

    * Invincibility bug
    * Auraxium medal bug (no certs given)
    * Out of memory 32-bit limit crash (need 64 bit client)
    * Hitching / Microfreeze issue
    * Out of sync issue
    * Driver crashes with Nvidia drivers.
    * Performance optimization
    * Flying ground vehicles bug
    * Constant-damage "force-field" bug.
    * No-damage-dealt bug.

    Gameplay issues:
    * Server population imbalances / continent population imbalances / low pop continents issues.
    * Rebalance Liberators
    * Reduce spawn-room camping by vehicles
    * Make sure all infantry weapons fulfill specific roles (so that no two weapons fulfill the same role, but one is just much worse at it)
    * Continent lattices. Needed in order to diversify frontlines. Make sure all continents get action should be priority. Avoid PS1 ghost-cap to reach frontline.
    * Stalemate breakers (ANT should do the trick) to make defending cut off bases harder.
    * Give the game a "longer term objective" so there's a reason to fight. This could i.e. be a weekly faction mission (achieve these goals as a faction) or some other system.

    Monetization / Retention:
    * Initial download and patching of game is too slow (even on my 100mbit)
    * Performance issues needs fixing to increase target audience.
    * Increase member-benefits to increase subs.
    * Contact F-Secure and make sure their anti-virus does not prevent PS2 from launching.
    * Reevaluate store prices and the impact they have on new players (grindfest/expensive to get new weapons seems to be a common factor among the people I know who quit).
    * Extended leveling past BR100 to increase retention of older players.

    * Revisit death screen (if anything just as a PR effort)
    * Battle plan system on map.

    * Focus on testing. Reconsider scope of weekly updates. Latest patches tend to break too much stuff.
    * Encourage smaller balance changes over the multiple weekly updates to avoid over-buff / over-nerf.
    * Regrow hair.

    * Infantry gun sounds revamp.
    * Horns for more vehicles.

    World Design / Art:
    * Selective base redesigns where there are problems (Spawn room camping by vehicles, etc)
    * Weather effects that affect the gameplay (i.e. blizzards, rain, thunderstorms)
    * Visual difference between infantry guns
    * Hossin (requires population issues to be fixed first to avoid ghost-continents)
    * Fix visual errors with in-game shop items (armor making decals not show, tire-attachments not turning, etc. Noone wants to buy broken stuff)

    There's my list - whats yours?