A Philippine player wants out of Connery due to HIGH ping. Any good servers to re reroll in?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by C0NGL0M3R4T3, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    Connery seemed to be the closest server to me. To all the Phil players, how are the US East servers?
  2. Jiel

    Try Briggs. Its an Australian server and Philippines is pretty close to Aus
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  3. novicez

    Emerald is fine, 240-300ish
  4. Moz

    Awww man, i feel for you guys!

    SoE do something so these guys can have a good experiance too.
  5. novicez

    actually the 240-300 is very playable, I can win 1v1 confrontations no prob. The server refreshes every .5 seconds so you can have at the most 450ish ping and still play fine.
  6. ohmikkie

    Hi ping gives you a big advantage , due to the lag compensation and client-side hit detection, in this game if you know how to use it.
  7. Ziogatto89

    It's too bad nobody cared about server transfer for the whole 1 and a half year it sitted in the roadmap before getting shafted, if it was implemented you wouldn't even need to reroll... ahh such a shame.
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  8. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    I've tried, it's worse, something with Australia's cables.
  9. slipnitz

    I live in the Philippines and Briggs works for me 240-300 ish ping...slight disadvantage on close quarters head on fights, but still playable.
  10. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    It's all fine actually, I considered my time serving the NC as a loyal Combat Medic to be over once I got my Rez Nades, since there seemed to be nothing else to do. Now I shall defect to serve the glorious TR as a Heavy Assault!
  11. C0NGL0M3R4T3

    I don't want "just playable", I want what Connery was before it all went to ****.
  12. ConstyC

    Connery is actually the best server for me to play in from the Philippines. other servers averages 300ms for me, while connery stays at 210-260
  13. Amit2120

    no it does not, as someone who has about 1700 hours of playing with 230-300 ping (on connery) its hard, i go to any other server and it feels like easy mode, my hits register quicker i get damage as i should and not in huge unpredictable bursts, etc.....
    everyone goes around saying ******** about playing with high ping when the truth is they never ******* tried.
  14. ohmikkie

    Sorry I play with a 50-60 ping and I cannot believe there are that many lag-switchers out there. Too many times I see other zoom around in stutters and get instagibbed just before entering a doorway./