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  1. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    The New Player Experience update is now available on PC! This update contains a massive push toward a better starting experience for new players. Everything from character creation, to the tutorial, to default loadouts, to the player's first "real" combat, to quality of life has been revisited.

    Character Create
    The character create and character selection screens have been completely overhauled. New UI, audio, faction introductions, FX and lighting all combine to enrich a player's introduction to the battlefields of Auraxis.


    New Tutorial
    When looking at learning curve (or cliff?) of PlanetSide 2, we tried to isolate the lessons that could not only introduce players to the gameplay basics, but also help them understand and reinforce behaviors they'd be engaging in often. Capturing and defending bases, switching classes to adapt to situations, checking the map, and learning how to identify fights were among them. The new tutorial attempts to take all of these lessons and create a walkthrough that feels cohesive, and helps connect the player to the feeling of our game using mock battles and live-fire exercises.


    New "faction embassies" can now be found on board the Sanctuary space station. After completing the tutorial, the player lands here first to unlock some equipment, and heads down to the planet's surface where they'll be able to speak to new "Field Commander" NPCs located in the upstairs room of each faction's Warpgate. We use this as a bridge to the game world, and help the player transition to their first major battle. The mission system guides much of this experience, creating short, achievable goals within the sandbox.


    New Drop Pod Cosmetics
    In the Depot you'll find the new Sky-cutter Drop Pod, complete with new engine FX. Steel Rain has never looked so good.

    Read the patch notes for more!
    With this update also comes graphical improvements, new accessibility options, metagame changes, quality of life updates, bug fixes, implant revisions, infantry and vehicle balance adjustments, and much more.

    The details of this latest update can be found in the full PC patch notes here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/sept-15-2021-a-new-player-experience.257362/#post-3572464

    We want to hear what you think! What is your favorite part of this update? Drop us a comment down below!
  2. Erosion139

    I have honestly never been able to see steel rain from the ground looking up. The drop pod culling needs to be improved, or I would honestly just cull drop pods at max range because they happen so infrequently. I would love to see these new drop pods ripping through the air from the ground.
  3. Nighda Venesis

    Thank you for giving us our daily A7 grind, my ability to run the game on max lighting again, and finally setting your eyes on making NWA fair, though I'm in the camp that thinks small arms resistance should be removed in favor of something else as I've stated before. And thank you for taking the time to work on making New Players more accustomed to the ordered chaos of Planetside. We'll likely see at least some more newbies stick around, less clueless than before.

    More and more I've been thinking that this game could use more development years modeled like this one, that is to say bigger content drops with campaigns, and otherwise a greater focus on fleshing out missing pieces in the game like there was for _Integration, polish, bug fixes, tech and graphics improvements. A good balance between both expansion and tending to the root of the game.

    I have some ideas as to what you guys are planning for the big one this year. Will we be getting a dev stream again soon? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's missed those.
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  4. Nighda Venesis

    It would probably be useful to give vehicles cover sheets as well. Perhaps you already have this planned for a follow up update, but I thought I'd mention it in case.
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  5. iKnowWhatToDo

    I am very happy about the new tutorial. It is in some way the foundation for Planetside 2s´ future.