A little twist on an old subject

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Makwa, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Makwa

    For NC Light Assault.

    Blitz GD-10 with supressor or Gauss S with suppressor and UBGL.

    I love em both. What are your thoughts?

    I guess what I am trying to ask is: If you where randomly dropped in to any spot in the game which would you rather have with you and why?
  2. Parricidium

    Definitely the S w/ UBGL. The UBGL is another whole weapon. It lets you kill sunderers by yourself (provided 2 C4, of course), finish off fleeing low-HP tanks, aoe-kill clumps, retaliate quickly while fleeing via jetpack, etc. The Blitz is just a gun.
  3. o.Solei.o

    Blitz, actually. I'm normally a HUGE fan of nade launchers, but it's just been nerfed into the ground. It can do the things Parri says, but it's not usually practical to attempt. (How often are you engaging a tank from behind that's on fire, not repping, not moving away from you at high-speed, and you already have your launcher at the ready instead of your gun?) Blitz w/ silencer is great for staying very mobile and lighting up targets left and right. Ammo goes fast, but it's generally worth it. 2xLaser makes it so that you don't need to ADS, and if you do, you're trying to engage something outside your gun's practical range. Silencer is more effective on SMGs than NC carbines, making you next to silent.

    The other issue with the nade launchers is that they still have some of their beta bugs. I frequently get stuck with my launcher equipped and can't switch back to my main with the num keys (or anything else I map them to). You either have to select something further down in your inventory, or mousewheel back to your gun (which has never been reliable with any of the mice I have due to the popularity of scrolling multiple lines). Don't get me wrong, it's great when it works, but it's a PITA much more often than a blessing.

    Now, I hear people singing the praises of underbarrel smoke launchers and thermal gunsights, and for that you might want to hold onto it. Takes a few seconds for the smoke to deploy, but it's faster than using the LA smoke nade, and allows you to take frag or flashbangs instead. Smoke up a control room, switch to thermal, light up anyone coming your way, light up the ones stuck in the smoke, then get ready to ambush the survivors coming to flank you.