_Integration hits PS4, August 25th

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  1. Mithril Associate Community Manager

    Heya! Been quite a while since we've talked about our plans for the PS4 version of the game.

    On August 25th, the _Integration update will make its way to the PlayStation 4, overhauling the Nanite Systems Operatives fourth faction in almost every respect.


    Here's a brief look at what's in store for NSO in this release (and with all the bug and balance fixes we made after the July release on PC!)
    • 2 New Vehicles
    • 4 New Weapon HUD Overlays
    • 4+ New Vehicle Weapon Reticles
    • 6+ UI Screen Updates
    • 11 New Directive Trees
    • 15 New Vehicle Weapons
    • 36 New Infantry Weapons
    • 40+ New Particle Effects
    • 130+ New Sounds/Voices/Music Tracks
    • NSO becomes Free to Play for all players

    With this update we'll also be bringing some (but not all) of the content that went solely to PC earlier this year.

    For the past few months, we've been working through some technical obstacles preventing Chapter 03 and the new Containment Site facility from landing on PS4. While we continue working through these issues, Esamir and Chapter 03 will be in an inaccessible state.

    That portion is a little bittersweet, but the upside is that we're bringing over a lot of wins from previous updates here at the same time: things like the Scorpion rocket launcher, animation fixes for crouch spam, balance updates, UI and QoL improvements, as well as volumetric "god rays," to name a few. On top of that, there are plenty of PS4-specific bug fixes woven through the update as well.


    This update was one of the largest in the game's history on the PC version, and with the additional content from previous months rolled in, it tops even that.

    Thanks for the dedication and support, PS4 community. We hope you enjoy this new _Integration.
    -Wrel, Lead Designer

    Drop us a reply down below and let us know what you think about this latest update!
  2. Drgnx

    Wow! A PS4 Update?
    Y'all must be super bored down there ...

    And look! Look at all the responses: the responses of celebration and joy ... I'm overwhelmed!

    I want bundles, (bundles without heroic boosts), and/or discounts ...
    Bundles without heroic boosts with discounts on top would be best ... I might even start to like you!
  3. CloneXCaptian

    <<<<<Is Mentorship Ribbons Fixed In This Update?! After 4 years????>>>>>
  4. CloneXCaptian

    If they're not fixed you can keep the update.
  5. Drgnx

    still needs
    • unique heavy weapons
    • unique harasser weapons
    • max cosmetics
    • unique flash weapon
  6. Drgnx

    Are freelance nso not supposed to be able to use faction chat?