8/24/14 Server connection issues

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. TSR AlexS Customer Service

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  2. r4zor

    Still cant log in to Miller..
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  3. John4300

    Two attempts taken, situation the very same as for the last 15 days. Usually it starts working after you try logging in for around 3-5x 5-15 minutes but I don't have time for this right now, so there goes the last day of double exp for me. I hope it works for the rest eventually.

    Good if you got the DDoS situation in better hands though. Nasty stuff.
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  4. westli

    that explains a lot, thanks alex but still can not login to miller it sucks thats where my main chr is
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  5. AllyElly

    Thanks for the update AlexS but now I'm very concerned that the current Cobalt/Miller login issues (the same ones that have been going on for 2 weeks) are now being passed over as a side-effect of the DDoS attack. Please look into Cobalt/Miller login issues as I would think they are 2 different issues... as said, they have been happening daily on Cobalt and Miller for weeks, unless you're saying the DDoS has been happening for weeks? Thanks in advance
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  6. Bunglejuicey

    Spent the last 15 mins trying to get into Miller, no joy whatsoever.
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  7. Bindlestiff

    Not buying this as the reason for the Cobalt and Miller issues for the last few weeks.

    Fix it.
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  8. Magicool

    what a cheap excuse for your incompetency the login issue is there since the merge
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  9. MichaelS

    Someone attacking US servers - can't log in to EU servers - great :/
  10. jOGI

    Still can`t log in to Miller...
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  11. Zuzas

    Third night. Same FAIL.
    ... 5 minutes logging in and then desktop

    What upsets me most is that if North America servers have a problem, SOE is all apologies. But EU servers have problems, no one cares.
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    Well its really great to finally hear from somebody that works for SOE, thank you for coming forward and at least attempting to explain.

    However, the above posted reason only relates to login issue of the 24th of August. If you read the forums here you will see that these log in issues go back no less than the 8th of August following the Cobalt & Ceres server merge.

    I guess we will have to wait for you to explain whats happened and what you plan to do about it, again the above explains only 1 day of 16 where login and high ping has been an issue on EU servers. If your unsure of what issues we are talking about then please feel free to ask, there are lots of us that will be more than happy to remind you :)
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  13. Pootisman

    This. I doubt that the DDOS attack lasted over 2 weeks.

    Login time after server merge on 8th of august was 2+ min.
    Login time after "hotfix" on 22th of august was 20+ min.

    At 3am, when server pop is low, login time is under 1min.
    The login problems are clearly related to server load.
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  14. MorganM

    Emerald is in the same position. In fact I went to create a new character... terrible ping to ALL servers!
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  15. John4300

    DDoS may have affected things but yeah, I do find it impossible to think it would've been done for a few weeks now in such a sophisticated way it was only noticed now.

    I do agree with you. Most likely very simply the server cannot keep up with the amount of connections to the server. I doubt it is due to the connection given to us by the server itself, other than the login going to the US, but rather due to the server computer itself not being able to keep up. Too little memory, perhaps, to keep up ? Would explain why US side can keep up with things even though there is as much people if the server computer used itself would be too low quality to keep up with everything. This is all speculating though.

    On another note, surprisingly enough I can connect at the moment fine and dandy to the game despite it actually being quite a prime time. Then again there is surely less pop atm than last weekend. But, eh, at least something positive y'now.

    I put my bet on the hardware being too crappy to keep up with the amount of connections rather than the connection given to us being shoddy.